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Two Festive Holiday Makeup Looks For The Season

Holiday Makeup

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

This month, I am excited to share two holiday looks to ensure your makeup is as fabulous as your holiday frocks.

Tips And Tricks For Your Holiday Makeup:

For all-out glam, our first look features a bold, red lip. Red lipstick can be intimidating, but I have a few tips and tricks to help you get the look:

1. Prep The Lip Area:

Exfoliate and prep the lip with a touch of lip balm and a line-filling lip primer. For the smoothest and longest-lasting look, don’t skip either step.

2. Choose The Correct Depth Of Red For Your Coloring:

If you have deep or high-contrast coloring, a very bold opaque red will be fabulous on you. If your coloring is softer, choose a light red, meaning a shade with less intensity and opacity. A red-tinted balm or gloss can also work for you.

“If you have warm coloring, you will want to choose a warm red with a touch of orange.”

3. Choose The Right Temperature/Shade Of Red:

If you have warm coloring, you will want to choose a warm red with a touch of orange. The color can range on the lighter end from red corals to red rusts on the deeper end.

If your coloring is cool, choose a neutral red or a red with a touch of blue.

4. Pair With Nude Liner:

Pair your lipstick with a medium warm brown nude liner, even if you are cool-toned. This shade will provide a nice “edge” for the color. It creates a sort of shadow that keeps the red from appearing to be spreading all over the face.

Lip liners, in addition to primer, help keep lip color from feathering, which is the kiss of death for a red lip.

5. Include Some Shine:

For shine, choose a tone-on-tone gloss instead of a clear version. Anything other than a red gloss will dilute or alter the color. A touch in the middle is plenty, otherwise, you risk bleeding.

Gail Scott 2 December 2023

Remember Your Complexion:

For our bold red lip look, spend plenty of time perfecting your complexion, as red lips tend to bring out imperfections on the face and can make darkness underneath the eyes more noticeable. In the weeks and days leading up to your event, exfoliate and do a deep pore cleanse, treating any blemishes. Consider using undereye patches to reduce puffiness. To begin the look, apply moisturizer, eye cream, and a great foundation and eye primer.

After giving the primers a few minutes to set, check to see if you have any sunspots or blemishes that need extra coverage. If so, use a flesh-colored concealer and apply it with a brush to add an extra layer to those areas. Tap it down with a damp sponge to blur the edges and blend it out. Next, add a full-coverage foundation and blend with your damp sponge. Allow the first layer of foundation to dry and assess if more is needed. If so, use the damp sponge to add a little more in those areas.

“A shimmery gold or cream shade will provide a pop of brightness to the look.”

Eyes, The Windows To Your Soul:

The eyes for this look are dramatic but neutral. Apply a creamy-colored shadow all over. At this point, clean and fill in/shape your brows. Next, apply a mid-tone contour shade in a medium brown just above the crease. Blend well. Finish with a deep brown in the corner and into the crease, using the same color along the lash line. Line lashes with deep brown or black and add mascara or false lashes (my choice for a glam look).

If you have warm coloring, choose neutral or warm brown shadows for this look and if you have cool coloring, choose cool, neutral, or slightly warm shades. Keep the shimmer to a minimum except for the tear duct. A shimmery gold or cream shade will provide a pop of brightness to the look. Finish the eyes with a brow fixative for extra drama.

holiday look

Holiday Makeup Cheeks:

The cheeks for this look should reflect the intensity of the lip color. Apply setting powder first, then use contour to create a slight shadow on the bottom side of the cheekbones, and then apply your color right on the cheekbone. Finish with a highlighter on the highest part of the cheekbone and to the cupid’s bow on the lip before applying lip products.

The version shown here is best for cooler color types, see below to create it with warmer shades.”

For our wintry color look, follow the guidelines above to have your skin in its best condition. Again, start the look with moisturizer, eye cream, and primers. For foundation, you can choose a sheer or full coverage formula. The more formal the occasion, the better the coverage should be.

The version shown here is best for cooler color types, see below to create it with warmer shades. Begin the eye look with a wash of a matte creamy color all across the eye area, then fill in and shape brows. Next, carve out the contour with a midtone pink shade and blend well. Use a deep purple or plum color for the corner and then blend it into the crease, also sweeping it along the lash line.

This Is Eye-Opening:

Line the eyes with a plum, deep gray, or black liner, and then apply plenty of mascara or glue on your falsies. Finish your shadow work with a highlighter eye shadow in shimmery pink or white on the inner tear duct and the middle of the lid. To add extra brightness, add a white or nude liner on the waterline on the bottom.

For the cheeks, contour lightly and choose a soft pink blush color. Place a highlighter on the top edge of the cheek and the cupid’s bow with a shimmery pink or white highlighter that has silver in the tone.

Choose a medium pink lip color with a slightly deep nude pink liner. Top with a tone-on-tone pink gloss or a shimmery pink gloss right in the middle for a little highlight.

If your coloring is warmer, achieve this look with peach, purple, and soft gold tones. Choose a creamy beige for the eye shadow base, then carve the crease with a deep peach or soft terra cotta shade. Accent the look with a sharp purple shade in the corner and blend into the crease. For your cheeks, use a warm pink blush with a gold-toned highlighter. Complete the color story with a warm pink colored lip color with a warm nude liner and a touch of gold or peach gloss.

Final Step Of The Holiday Makeup Look:

For a final step on any of the looks, a touch of concealer helps to brighten the eyes and hide under-eye darkness. Dab on the product sparingly and blend with a brush or sponge all the way to the outer hairline.

Once your holiday makeup is all in place, apply setting spray to set the look and hold down any oily shine. Don’t forget to toss lip color and gloss into your bag for a touch-up. If you are oily skinned, include blotting tissues to absorb any oil that pops up. Try layering your setting spray as you apply your makeup, it will also help with oil control.

Please try them out and post on social media. Don’t forget to tag me, (@gailsscott). I’d love to see the results. 

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
As a 28 year veteran in the beauty industry, she is passionate about helping women to look their best and to express themselves in their outward appearance. She is also co-host of the Midlife Moxie podcast, available on all major platforms. Find Gail on IG: @gailsscott
Email: [email protected]  If you would like more help with makeup application, check out Gail’s course on www.yourcolorstyle.com. For some of her favorite beauty products (many used in these looks), click here.