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Ways You Can Travel More In Retirement

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Ways You Can Travel More In Retirement

Guest Blogger: Eva Forde

You’re retired. Finally. After decades of early morning, late nights, and running on the schedule of society, you can operate on your own time. You’ve earned this. If you’re like so many retirees, your unencumbered existence has left you itching to see some more of the world. There are tons of ways to indulge your travel bug — and not all of them involve going on a senior’s cruise (though, hey, if that’s your jam, go for it!).

You have the time, you have the money, you have the drive. Now, get some travel ideas on how you can make the most out of your recently found freedom.

1. Road Trip!

Road trips aren’t just for recent university graduates or nuclear families. Road trips were made for retirees. The best road trips allow you to really meander and explore an area, and the time afforded to you in retirement gives you just that. Slap on some quality canvas seat covers, because you’re about to spend some serious time on the road! You don’t have to use your car, either. You can rent or buy an RV, which is perfect if you’re bringing friends and/or family on your trip.

2. Cruise

We already mentioned this briefly, but it bears repeating. Cruises are great fun at any time in life — especially when you’re retired. Your life of leisure was made for life on the high seas. In fact, with the cost of living rising, some retirees have taken to living on cruise ships. Kid you not: it can be cheaper than renting a home or apartment.

3. Guided Tours

Whether you’re planning to fly, drive or sail to your destination, guided tours are a fantastic way to see the world. They are especially good if you’re travelling to an area where you don’t know the language, since you’ll be with a guide who does.

How you decide to travel when you reach your destination can vary based on what sort of tour you signed up for: you can cycle; walk; travel by bus; canoe; ride horses; or even dog sled. You’re only limits are your desires and your abilities.

Sounds good, right? You bet it does! However, there are a few things you should also be sure to take care of at home so you can enjoy your increased travel time.

Smarten Up Your Home

You don’t have to be able to scratch your back from space, but investing in a few smart home gadgets like a camera doorbell, a smart thermostat and smart home lighting can ensure your house is well taken care of and more secure when you’re exploring. You can control all these features from your cell phone, miles or continents away.

Enlist Trusted Friend or Family

No amount of tech can substitute for having someone you trust check on your home. Arrange to have them come in at least once a week, more if needed. Arrange to have your snow shoveled, lawn cut, trees trimmed, eaves cleaned: whatever your home needs to keep it running smoothly, and to make it look like someone is still living there. This will not only give you less to deal with when you come home, but it will also make it look like someone is living there which is a theft-deterrent.

Now, enough with the boring stuff. You’re still young, vibrant and you have the rest of your beautiful life to live to its fullest. Happy travels!

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Eva contributes regularly to our Kuel Life Community. She writes her own Beauty and Fashion Blogger and can be found on EvaFordeBeauty.