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Lori Saitz Images June 2022

Gratitude Thought Leader: Lori Saitz

If you’ve ever driven in Baltimore, Maryland USA, you know how the roads are. 

A few weekends ago when I was looking for parking before the comedian Nikki Glaser’s show, I hit a pothole. I didn’t even SEE it. GRRR! 

The light had just turned green, so I was only going, maybe, 20 miles per hour. And it hit HARD. But the car didn’t feel any different and I thought all was good. I found parking, went to the show, and drove the hour home without incident. 

A day or two later, I kept hearing a noise that sounds like Styrofoam squeaking up near the front passenger side. At first, I thought it was coming from the glove compartment. So I opened it and slammed it shut. As one does. Still heard the squeaky noise. 

“Because when you practice gratitude consistently, you actually change the way your brain is wired.”

The Pothole:

Then it dawned on me. Grrrr! The pothole!

The service center explained that when I hit the pothole, the front strut top mount bearing exploded, causing grease to push out of the strut top. Their recommendation is to replace both front struts and sway bar links. For $1,300. 

I could b*tch and moan about this unexpected expenditure. (Which I did for a few minutes!) Or I could go to gratitude – my find gratitude anywhere mind space gifted me the following:

4 Gratitudes At The Ready:

  1. Gratitude that it wasn’t something worse. 
  2. That I was able to get home safely and wasn’t stuck in downtown Baltimore or roadside on I-95 at 11:00 at night. 
  3. That it’s not a $5,000 repair. 
  4. That I have a service center I trust to do the work. (Bonus points because it’s woman-owned!)

Find Gratitude Anywhere:

The invitation I have for you today is – WHERE can you find the gratitude in a situation that doesn’t seem to have any? Because when you practice gratitude consistently, you actually change the way your brain is wired. Which changes how you see the world and yourself in it. 

If you’re finding that a challenging ask. You can reach out directly below.

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Lori Saitz Gratitude Expert

About the Author:

Lori Saitz loves sharing the power of gratitude and meditation with entrepreneurial professionals who hire her to help them boost business success and achieve life goals faster – without working harder. She is the CEO of Zen Rabbit, host of the podcast “FINE is a 4-Letter Word,” and a sought-after speaker. When she’s not working, you can find Lori in the weight room at the gym, because she also loves baking and eating. See more at the Zen Rabbit website and connect with her on LinkedIn. Let’s get on a free call and I’ll help you! Use this booking link to set a time: https://calendly.com/zenrabbit/call-to-connect-45.