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What Is The 3-2-8 Method Of Fitness?

3-2-8 fitness method

Small Space Fitness: Cat Corchado

The 3-2-8 method of fitness is a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing physical well-being.

It involves three components: three days of strength training, two days of cardiovascular exercise, and eight hours of quality sleep each night.

“Strength training on three separate days allows for targeted muscle development.”

Importance Of A Balanced Fitness Routine:

This method emphasizes the importance of a balanced fitness routine, combining strength, endurance, and recovery for optimal results.

Strength training on three separate days allows for targeted muscle development. Incorporating a variety of exercises ensures a well-rounded approach, targeting different muscle groups and preventing plateau. This component promotes muscle growth, improved metabolism, and overall functional fitness.

Schedule your start date two-three weeks out and determine what day(s) your strength training will occur and at what time. Most importantly – put it on your calendar!! If it’s not on your calendar it doesn’t exist!

The two days dedicated to cardiovascular exercise contribute to heart health, endurance, and calorie burning. Whether it’s running, cycling, walking or other aerobic activities, this element boosts cardiovascular fitness, enhances lung capacity, and aids in weight management. Take the same approach as above.

Equally Crucial In The 3-2-8 Method:

The what – what type of movement will you be doing, where will it occur – inside, outside, at home? Last but not least, how long will you perform cardio for that day? In my opinion – shorter is better however – make it count!! You should be sweating afterwards.

“Balancing these three components fosters a holistic approach to fitness.”

Equally crucial in the 3-2-8 method is prioritizing eight hours of quality sleep each night. Adequate sleep is fundamental for recovery, hormone regulation, and overall well-being. It plays a pivotal role in muscle repair, cognitive function, and maintaining a healthy weight. Have a pre-sleep routine. I take a shower, making sure I don’t eat two hours before bed, no caffeine or sweets and I use a sleep mask.

Balancing these three components fosters a holistic approach to fitness. It not only addresses physical strength and endurance but also recognizes the vital role of rest and recovery. The 3-2-8 method encourages individuals to adopt a sustainable and realistic fitness routine, promoting long-term health benefits.

The 3-2-8 method of fitness offers a structured and holistic approach to well-being, emphasizing the importance of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and quality sleep. By incorporating these elements into a balanced routine, you can achieve comprehensive fitness and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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About the Author:

Cat is a proud US Air Force veteran who has made it her mission to help women veterans transition from the military. She is a leader and speaker within the active duty and veteran community and her advocacy has helped her develop the Sisters-in-Service podcast- a platform for anyone affiliated with the military.

Cat is also the founder of the Small Space Pilates community. Cat feels privileged to work with midlife women to help them increase body awareness, mobility, stability and strength in a safe and fun environment. With over 39 ears in the fitness arena, her specialties include Personal Training, Pilates, Activated Isolated Stretching (AIS) and most recently her certification with CETI to work with cancer. Follow Cat’s Sisters In Service  on Instagram for more information.