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What Perfection Means To Me

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Pro-Aging Fitness Kuel Category Expert: Gail Gensler

Everybody wants to be perfect.

We want the perfect body, the perfect social life, the perfect job; people just want to be their own definition of flawless, as this will make them happy. While it’s understandable to shoot for this goal, there are many other factors to consider when we look at the whole concept of “perfection.”

“Imperfection, however, gives people a target they are more comfortable working towards.”

What Inspires People:

A simple truth is that, many times, trying to be “perfect” doesn’t allow for organic growth and hurts the process overall. It causes a mental and emotional strain that people unnecessarily put on themselves as they try to scale an unscalable mountain. No one is, or ever will be, perfect. Ever. An imperfect image is often what inspires people the most, ironically.

If you yourself know that you’ll never reach perfection, why should you try to build towards achieving it? You will never be able to get to the level of an Instagram model-lifestyle, as that lifestyle has been formatted to convey an impossible goal. Imperfection, however, gives people a target they are more comfortable working towards. That is something I try to put on display as a pro-aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer.

We All Want Perfection:

Mind you, I still consider myself a bit of a perfectionist; discipline and consistency have always been two of my biggest assets. Nevertheless, when a person decides to follow me or work with me, they will see that I am not this cookie-cutter model-type who flaunts her “perfect” life, whatever that means. I’ve learned how to build this brand over the years through plenty of trial and error. I now aim for authenticity. I aim for relatability. People I interact with see the real Gail Gensler, for better or worse (hopefully for better!). I am perfectly imperfect.

Things like that, I have found, are what inspire people to better themselves. We know we will never reach perfection, but we can still work towards excellence if the proper goal is set in front of us.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.”

Progress Is King:

Winston Churchill said, “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” That quote rings true across nearly every facet of our lives (I also LOVE me a good quote). Though perfection is an attractive concept, it can prevent us from appreciating progress, which is the best feeling there is for a person working towards something. Progress is the journey, while perfection is an unreachable destination.
When you champion progress over perfection, you’ll find the journey that much more enjoyable!

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About the Author:

Gail Gensler is proudly 60 years young.
Her goal is to change the narrative about aging, both to a younger demographic so that they realize that there is nothing to fear about aging, but primarily to her peers, to inspire them to never take their wellness for granted and always strive to outperform your years. Gail is who she is because of fitness with her favorite workout being boxing.
She doesn’t believe in age, she believes in energy, and finding energy in activities that make her feel alive. Gail embraces a completely healthy lifestyle encompassing fitness, nutrition and supplements, sleep and a positive mindset. Want to work with Gail? Find her here! Gail lives the statement that age is truly just a number. Follow Gail on Instagram.