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What Should Be In Your Closet This Fall

Closet Blog 10222019 Kuel Life

Guest Blogger: Gayle Petrillo

As I work with clients in their closet and dresser drawers, in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms in their home, I’m keenly aware of the intimate nature of what I do and I’m always conscious of the fact that they are allowing me access to and are sharing their most personal spaces with me.

That being said, once we get started and as our relationship develops, whether at the first session or follow up ones, the comfortability is apparent on both sides, mine and theirs. And so we begin.

We start by identifying preferred colors and styles. Then, we move on to the must-haves and have-nots.

Here’s where this blog begins.

Every woman’s closet should have at least one of each of these: a black skirt, a pair of black dress slacks and a black dress.

If you are adamant about not wearing black, navy blue is a second option. Since there are no longer many rules, differing lengths can accommodate a variety of occasions. Longer skirts and full-length slacks are more formal and can be worn at work, for an evening event, or a funeral. Shorter lengths, depending on your body type, are more casual.

The days of the LBD [little black dress] has not gone away. Lace is all the rage this season and so even a lace dress can be dressed down for a more casual event by adding a sweater or jacket.

Additionally, each of us should own at least one white button down blouse with sleeves. Long sleeves are preferable because they can be buttoned up or rolled and the front of the blouse can be buttoned or left open to serve double-duty as a light-weight jacket.

Other must-haves include a variety of print tops so you interchange them while retaining what you wear on the bottom half of your body. This makes packing for a trip especially easy and light. Keep in mind, as well, that small prints with bolder ones make a great statement when worn together in the right way. While talking about tops, there are so many variations to choose from. There are long, short and three-quarter sleeve lengths. Sleeves can be pleated, gathered at the elbow or elsewhere, or belled.

Along that same line, remember that textures can play a pivotal part in expanding your wardrobe. Mixing textures while keeping a monotone look is alluring. Try corduroy with velvet for a fall look.

A jeans jacket in blue or black denim is also essential because of its versatility. We can easily dress an outfit down by adding this piece. An idea as stated above can be to add a jeans jacket to a lacy black dress and it is now perfect for any occasion.

The right pair of shoes or boots can give your outfit a boost. Winter is approaching and so it’s the perfect time to look at thigh-high boots, knee-high boots, ankle boots and booties. Again, try different textures from leather to suede and/or colors like black, brown, beige, navy and even red.

Accessories are key to expanding your wardrobe by adding a pop of color or print to an otherwise simple outfit. Options are varied and can include a pair of shoes with a design; a colorful purse or tote; and sweaters (bolero, waist or longer), scarves, shawls, and vests [all are available in animal prints, which are very stylish again this fall and winter]. Belts, whether thin or wide, can change the look of a dress and can complete an outfit if you tuck in the front of your blouse into trousers. You then have the option of leaving the back of the shirt out or tucking the entire blouse into your slacks.

Keys For the Fall:

Pair what you already have in your closet with a few new pieces. The prominent colors for this fall and winter are Golds, Oranges, Reds, and Greens. Think fall foliage – the color of the changing leaves. And plaids are very much in style as well as bold flowers – think poppies. And, consider this, depending on your skin tone, one or more of these may look best of the bottom portion of your body than nearer your face. Just wear ‘em. Bold is beautiful and so are you!

The bottom line here is to play, experiment and have fun. Since we only wear 20% of the clothes we own, take a chance and try coordinating things in your closet that you haven’t worn together. You will likely be amazed at the new outfits you create. I can always help with that!

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About The Author:
Gayle Petrillo is President of First Impressions, Image Consulting. Gayle is an image consultant working with both businesses and individuals. Her services include: customer service training; team building skills; secret shopper services; gossip avoidance techniques; closet analysis; wardrobe transformations, personal shopping; employment coaching; and presentation skills. She has joined Kuel Life and will be offering an online class exclusively for Kuel Life – ‘Transform Your Threads with Gayle’. Coming very, very soon. You can email Gayle directly for a consultation.