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What Your Teen Should Master Before Flying The Coop

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Tick tock… the ‘off to college’ race gun has fired and many of the Kuel Women out there are prepping their teen for the final step. Those of us with teens one foot out the door, may or may not, find this list helpful. Depending on where we find ourselves on the ‘did we prep the kid for some adulting?’ scale; the 27 Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Life Lessons, from teen coach, Noelle Ward, may cause more anxiety than comfort.
If you’re like me, and you have a few years before the college launch, then this list is great to have. And, even if you are packing the car right now with bed linens, shower buckets, and posters there’s still some time to get in a few of these lessons.
Noelle outlines five key adult categories: Basics, Grades, Good Choice Making, Money Management and Money Making. Below is a snapshot of her list. You can download the whole list for yourself.

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