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What’s Your Wellness Worth?

Wellness Blog 06062019 Kuel Life
Guest Blogger and Kuel Coach: Carin Aichele
Everyday I talk with people who want more wellness. They want to eat less sugar, get more sleep, drink less alcohol, lose some weight, or simply feel better. There are others who want less stress, to cope with anxiety, to increase their self-esteem, to feel happier, enjoy their job or be more spiritual.
The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as:

“Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence”

The National Wellness Institute promotes the following six dimensions of wellness:

As a certified Life Coach, I work with clients who want to make a change to improve their wellness. I find with both my clients and myself that the most important aspect to making a change is to determine the true motivation or the absolute essence underneath why you want to make the change. If we are not aligned with our goals on a fundamental level, we won’t succeed. Shear willpower isn’t enough.
If you truly want to meet your goals, it’s urgent that you understand what they’re worth to you!
Try these simple tools to help you get clear about what your wellness is worth to you:

  1. Identify a wellness goal or habit change that you want to make.
  2. Describe why you want to make the change or increase your wellness. What is your purpose for this goal?
  3. Answer the following question: What motivates me to reach this goal/make this change?
  4. When you have answered number 2 & 3, go deeper. Ask yourself: What does that mean to me? Investigate the meaning of your purpose and motivation from the 6 dimensions of wellness. Learn more about the 6 dimensions here:
  5. Rate your motivation to reach the goal from 1-10. What would it take to be a 10? What’s in the way?
  6. Ask yourself: If I don’t meet this goal, what will I think, how will I feel and what will I do? Then ask yourself: what will I think, feel and do if I do meet this goal?
  7. What is the cost to me if I don’t meet this goal/make this change?
Here are a couple success stories of clients who went a bit deeper in search of their fundamental reason to make a change:
A woman who shared with me that she wanted to lose 20 pounds and has struggled with yo- yo weight loss over the years initially started with the reason that she would feel better, look better, and fit into clothing she hasn’t worn for years. After reaching deeper, we discovered that she was afraid that if she didn’t start taking better care of her body and reduce stresses, she wouldn’t be there to share the joys of being a parent to her children and grandchildren. Her true fundamental motivation to reach her wellness goal was sharing love and joy with her family. Recognizing this, she has stepped up her number of fitness classes and is conscious when she considers eating dessert. Each time she says “I deserve to not go to class today”, she reminds herself of her true goal and shows up for class.
Another client shared that she wanted to get fit in order to accomplish her goal of running a marathon. Being an officer in the military, this client thought she was motivated and disciplined. After many unsuccessful attempts at trying to lose weight and stick to a fitness plan, we discovered that her true motivation was self-respect. She shared that she has great respect for colleagues who take the best care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. She admitted that she disrespects officers who are not fit or who have too much drama in their lives. This admission led to her realization that she was sabotaging her own goals by subconsciously not respecting herself. Her true goal was not running a marathon or losing weight, those are simply indicators to her of someone who respects themselves. Once she got crystal clear about her true motivation, she accomplished her goal and then some!
I believe your wellness is priceless.
Give these tools a try to determine what your wellness is truly worth to you!
Please share your stories or thoughts, as we at Kuel Life and Imagine Create Be are here to support you through your challenges as well as celebrate your successes.
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About the Author:
Carin Aichele is THE CHANGE AGENT. She is a personal and professional empowerment coach and inspirational speaker. Carin is masterful at supporting you in achieving any goal. Her auxiliary skills include mindfulness/consciousness coaching, spiritual direction and shamanic practitioner services. Her personal joys include her golden retriever pup, outdoor activity, travel, photography and writing. She is frequently found traveling solo throughout the USA and Canada in her RV gathering fodder for her book: The Courageous Woman’s Journey ~ Musings on Wandering with Curiosity and Wonder. Find Carin on our website under the Coaching section, under Life Coach. She can also be found on her website Imagine Create Be. Follow Carin on Facebook and Instagram.