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When Pleasure Is Put On A Diet

Beth Keil May 2022

Sexuality Thought Leader: Beth Keil 

As a midlife woman, you’ve witnessed how this culture and its programming changes regularly.

Think back over the years to what has been deemed beautiful, sensual, as well as sexy.

How well have these so-called ideals fit you?

“Others speak to their body and themselves in harsh judgmental ways, with words they’d never say to friends.”

Are You Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

When you don’t fit the current trend, the price is judgment! These judgments are why many women don’t feel deserving nor at home in their bodies and instead feel shame.

To cope, you might wear clothes that hide your body and don’t show your natural beauty. Some women cut themselves. Others speak to their body and themselves in harsh judgmental ways, with words they’d never say to friends. 

To cope, many of us have been on numerous diets to lose weight. When you do it enough over time, you learn and try to deny your hungers; then, it becomes wrong to eat unless you’re starving! When you do eat, you eat so quickly and eat beyond being full, so you’re stuffed instead. This was me for most of my life.

You Begin To Doubt Your Ability To Ever Be Full And Satisfied:

This is why it becomes easy to put your wants and desires on a diet! With these restrictions in place, it’s easy to doubt you can have more in life.

‘Symptoms’ of this type of dieting then show up in your life and your relationships! You notice unfulfilled hopes and dreams and can feel unsatisfied where it counts in your life. Deep down there can be thoughts it’s your fault you must want or need too much. 

“When shame and judgment are at odds with pleasure, your inner Aphrodite suffers.”

When Pleasure Is Put On A Diet:

Given the culture, any sense of pleasure, including your sensuality and sexual expression, will be replaced by guilt, shame, and judgment. There’s no spark for creativity, inspiration, and full self-expression when needs, wants, and desires are restricted or denied.  

When Shame And Judgment Are At Odds With Pleasure, Your Inner Aphrodite Suffers.

Stop Dieting And Claim Your Pleasure!

It can be challenging to stop dieting. You can’t think yourself out of this, as it has nothing to do with your intellect. You can use as many affirmations as you want, but they can’t go deep enough.  

What Can You Do?

It’s essential to tap into the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions that led to the denial and restrictions. This is the same process when you chronically diet to lose weight.

“It’s essential to tap into the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions that led to the denial and restrictions.”

The subconscious mind is where your feelings, thoughts, and perceptions reside. Hypnosis is a process that gives you access to your subconscious, so you can work at this deep level!

Inner Aphrodite:

Hypnosis bypasses the intellect which was never designed to do this type of work. It provides access to the root cause of an issue, and in the process, you gain levels of insight, clarity, and understanding like never before. 

The result? You can get off the pleasure restrictions and reclaim your Inner Aphrodite with all of her creativity, inspiration, and full self-expression! 

Below is information to schedule your Discovery Call. This is a complimentary 30-minute phone conversation to learn how hypnosis may be what you and your Aphrodite have been looking for!

Here’s to your Aphrodite rising!

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Beth Keil

About the Author:

Beth Keil helps her clients change and transform their lives. She offers a special focus on helping people claim the birthright of their erotic identity and to live in the joy, intimacy, and connection it brings. Beth is a Registered Nurse, MindSet Coach, and a Board Certified Hypnotist. Through her work, she enjoys integrating all her interests, experiences, and skills to bring sensuality, sex, and the erotic into greater awareness and conversation. You can schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation with Beth using the Discovery Session icon.