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When You Decide To Go Into Business With Your Friend

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Could there be anything better than having your girl friend be your business partner? Launching a new venture can be daunting.

Launching Kuel Life is taking its toll. A true labor of love, for us both. And, no kidding, it’s taking about the same amount of time to launch Kuel Life as it did for me to launch my son.

“We both have decided that Kuel Life deserves a birth. And, more importantly, we deserve Kuel Life.”

Business Venture With A Friend:

So, if you’re spending an inordinate number of hours toiling on your new adventure; why not spend it with someone you like? Perfect; yes? Like everything in life, there is a yin and yang. Navigating the waters between professional and personal can be tricky. And, there’s no coming back from ruining a wonderful personal relationship. Personally, no business venture is worth that price.

I think Robin and I are navigating the potentially treacherous waters fairly well. Occasionally, we disagree. Occasionally, we push back on one another. And Occasionally, we may even hurt one another’s feelings. But, for the most part, we both have decided that Kuel Life deserves a birth. And, more importantly, we deserve Kuel Life.

When I say ‘we’, I mean ALL of us. All the women out there who feel under-appreciated, unheard, and, frustrated. All the women out there who crave a nonjudgmental community from which to seek advice and inspiration; learn from; commiserate, and have fun with.

“Here’s to all of you #KuelWomen joining our adventure.”

What Is The Secret To Our Success Thus Far?

  1. Respect for the Friendship First. Both Robin and I have complex lives. Neither one of us was sitting around bored with nothing to do prior to Kuel Life. Now, we are demanding a great deal of time and energy from one another in the pursuit of our new endeavor. Our schedules don’t always align. And, that’s ok. Kid and spousal commitments, travel, and a not insignificant three-hour time difference all provide challenges. Yes, you read that right – we’re not on the same coast. We make time, even if it’s just ten minutes, to ‘catch-up’ on the personal before tackling the business at hand.
  2. Partners all the Way. We are halvsies all the way. What that actually means is that sometimes I give in and sometimes she does. Luckily, we agree most of the time which makes for smoother sailing. Fundamentally it is critical that we view each other as equals.
  3. Different but Synergistic Strengths and Areas of Expertise. Robin comes from Wall Street and sales. I come from the world of marketing and business strategy. It’s a fabulous combination. Mostly, it is clear which one of us should take on a particular task. And  I’d hate to think of us wasting time and energy dividing up the ‘To-Do’ list.

I believe we have the trifecta in business launching. And, in keeping with our Kuel Life intention – we are inspiring one another, commiserating when needed, and most of all: having a blast! Here’s to all of you #KuelWomen joining our adventure.

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  1. KUEL LIFE says:

    …and your friend posts the worst pic you’ve ever taken 🙂
    I couldn’t imagine anyone else I’d rather be on this journey with… bringing community, inspiration, support, adventure, and fun to women everywhere!

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