Our hormones regulate most of our basic bodily functions. From our appetite to our immune function to our mood and sex drive; hormones run the show. As we age, our hormones struggle to keep up with their duties leaving us feeling less like ‘ourselves’.
There is no desired way around menopause. We all go through the change of life, if we are fortunate. As we experience these ‘less than stellar’ side effects: hot flashes; weight gain; memory loss; sleep deprivation; and lost libido; some of us consider medical intervention in the form of hormone replacement therapy HRT.
Within the world of HRT exists BRHT (bio-identical hormone therapy). These hormones are manmade, derived from plants and are chemically IDENTICAL to those produced in our body. A gynecologist or medical expert in issues facing menopausal women is the perfect starting point for any of us who may want to consider consuming bio-identical hormones.

I have been inspired to seek my own medical advice on the subject after reading (and, who is kidding who?…seeing her pictures) Sonia Lovett’s blog on Style Beyond Age.


“Maybe you have a special interest in hormones because of your age or another reason? Well, I am here to tell you that the media lumps all HORMONES into one big basket. All HORMONES are NOT created equal.
Synthetic hormones are what almost 99% of all media is talking about especially when the article speaks of the dangers of hormones and hormone replacement. There are several studies that prove negative side effects of synthetic hormones. Doctors still prescribe them and folks still take them. WHY? I think it is because perhaps neither the doctor nor the patient knows of any alternative to synthetics. If you were sleep deprived from hot flashes you might not care what you are putting in your body!”

‘Radiantly beautiful… I’ll have what she’s having.’
You can read more about Sonia’s personal experience with BHRT in her “What Are Bio-Identical Hormones Anyway?”piece.
As for my journey? My first appointment with a local medical expert is at the end of November. I will report back anything I learn
You can follow Sonia directly on her Instagram and stay tuned here, on Kuel Life, for more of her journey into aging and her inspirations.

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