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Why Now Is Better Than Later

Now Is Better Than Later

Ageless Adventures: Wendy Deacon

I took a life-altering trip to Iceland in 2019. And, I’ve been back several times as it’s one of my favorite places on the planet.

Now Is Better Than Later:

I was – and still am – soooo bummed that I cannot go back this month. From the many volcanoes, to the black sand beaches, basalt columns, glacier hiking, and ice floating out to sea along the Diamond Beach, Iceland is a magical place. 

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But it – like everything in life – is changing. The activity of the volcano, along the Reykjanes Peninsula, not only affects the locals who have to evacuate their homes and businesses but it also changed our private group trips this month and just reminds me that I have to seize every moment. I need to take advantage of the time I have now.

You never know when that special trip isn’t offered again. When that special hike you want to go on now requires reservations and you signed up too late. Or worse, when your life changes and you cannot get to that one special place. Or take part in that one special adventure.

Personal Awakening About The Now:

It was a terrible advanced stage cancer diagnosis of very close personal friend that caused me to rethink everything and to take that trip in March 2019 with her after a ton of careful planning. It was life-altering for us both and only ignited the fire inside of me to go after what I want now.

“It was life-altering for us both and only ignited the fire inside of me to go after what I want NOW.”

The really good news is that I’m hearing many more stories of women just like me. Women who have had their own personal awakening and decided to either leave or alter their career plans. More women are making time to go after their adventure.

Women Are Seizing The Now:

I just met April, one of the newest members of our community. April spent the last year plus planning for a six-month trek, hiking the Appalachian Trail. She is going solo and I am so excited for her! This trek requires a ton of planning.

The trail and gear require a lot of attention on its own. And one needs to plan the places to ship materials to restock your food or gear. Who will ship for you and where to send it and when to pick it up? Not to mention, measuring everything to be sure you can carry your home with you on your back for six months. Completing the trek is a feat in itself but even more so as she will be doing this during her 59th year and she’ll celebrate her 60th birthday on the trail!

So freakin incredible!

For me, in addition to a volcano in Iceland derailing my plans, my plans to return to Andorra also were changed for 2024. I completed a Half Ironman there in July 2023 and planned to go back but they canceled the 2024 event, so I am even more thrilled that I went when I did and didn’t wait. Putting my ‘now is better than later’ into play paid off here. I absolutely loved Andorra and am so proud to say I completed the Half Ironman in that beautiful and special place. 

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About The Author:

Wendy started DestinationU in 2019 and through her community and platform, she is a champion for aging adventurously. She is on a mission to resource and empower women over 40 to reimagine what’s possible and live with way more adventure, fun & fulfillment.  

Wendy had a successful career, but after a series of personal life changes, she decided it was time for a seismic shift to create something much more personally fulfilling. She authored several books, started building the DestinationU community and started setting up and leading more customized group adventure trips.  

She previously spent 20 years in preventive health as a national non-profit leader, international speaker and world class athlete but she still wanted more. Wendy was increasingly focused on intentional and experiential living with healthy aging and she met many women like her on the same journey. A whole new world opened up.