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Women Still Planting Seeds For Tomorrow In Midlife

Planting Seeds for Tomorrow

Ageless Adventures: Wendy Deacon

It’s well known that “April showers bring May flowers”.

But have you thought about what you’re doing today and what you’re either planting the seeds for or nurturing for something you want tomorrow?

We know that no matter what it is, when you focus on something or make it a priority, you spend much more time planning and nurturing to foster growth and ultimately achieve the desired outcome. You’re personally invested in seeing it come to fruition.

“Remember that not making a choice IS making a choice.”

You’ve done it in relationships, in raising your kids, in dedicating time to family. Let’s not forget, continuing education and climbing the corporate ladder. Each with the confidence and faith that investing the time and doing it right will result in something wonderful in the not-too-distant future.

Planting Seeds For Tomorrow:

Remember that not making a choice is making a choice. You’re either investing in something important to you or you’re wasting time by investing in activities. Some choices detract from what’s most important to you. You have the choice of being a passive participant by simply accepting what life brings you and it may cost you a little time or it may cost you a lot of time. If you’ve ever stuck in a relationship or a job too long, you know what I’m talking about. Once you finally break free of the situation, you wish you’d done it much sooner.

As a gal in my 50s, I can tell you that this applies to our life right now. And possibly now more than ever. What seeds are you planting now? What are you prioritizing that you plan to invest time into and nurture?

I’ve planted the seeds and been working toward my next adventure in May. I’m nervous, excited, giddy and mostly focused as I am working my bootie off to take on my 5th Half Ironman over Memorial Day Weekend. It is very different than how I planned and trained for such events in my 30s in that it’s a much more balanced approach and I’m truly focused on the journey and completing the event with a smile on my face. 

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Healthy Habits And Activities:

This event will be in Victoria, BC, and I am so excited for several reasons. First, it’s keeping me focused on healthy habits and activities that are keeping me young in mind, body and soul. Second, it’ll be a great event but an even greater adventure with time spent in Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler, road-tripping around some beautiful country. And spending time camping and in hotels and Airbnb stops.

“The mere fact that I get to do this is huge to me.”

The mere fact that I get to do this is huge to me. And even though I get passed by many, many youngens, it’s really cool to hear folks cheering me on and recognizing that it’s a bit different to do this at age 56. I am not as lean and not as spry as 98% of the other participants, but it doesn’t matter. It just fuels me on even more.

Final “Official” Finisher:

One of the toughest events I’d ever done was last summer in Andorra, when I was the last official finisher of the 70.3 Half Ironman. I had to walk a bunch during what was supposed to be the running portion, but I just kept focused on taking one step at a time and walking as fast as possible in between times of running and I actually did it.  It was tough but the best part was the finish. As I was the final “official” finisher, I had a ton of folks cheering me home.

It was tough but it is something I’ll never forget. The feeling of being cheered on while feeling so pooped but triumphant, and I hope to do it again next month. All with a smile on my face. Last still counts as done.

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About The Author:

Wendy started DestinationU in 2019 and through her community and platform, she is a champion for aging adventurously. She is on a mission to resource and empower women over 40 to reimagine what’s possible and live with way more adventure, fun & fulfillment.  

Wendy had a successful career, but after a series of personal life changes, she decided it was time for a seismic shift to create something much more personally fulfilling. She authored several books, started building the DestinationU community and started setting up and leading more customized group adventure trips.  

She previously spent 20 years in preventive health as a national non-profit leader, international speaker and world class athlete but she still wanted more. Wendy was increasingly focused on intentional and experiential living with healthy aging and she met many women like her on the same journey. A whole new world opened up.