Study Finds Women Who Exercise Outdoors Stick With It

exercise outdoors

A small, three-month, study conducted in Canada suggests that women who exercise outdoors are more likely to stay committed and exercise longer than their counterparts who exercised indoors.

Great Sense Of Tranquility:

“The study team found that on average, the women who exercised outdoors had a greater sense of tranquility after working out and attended more sessions – 97 percent of the 36 sessions in the trial for the outdoor exercisers compared to 91 percent of sessions attended by the indoor group.”

Exercising Outdoors:

It is well documented that exercise is essential to stay healthy and decrease your risk for chronic diseases, physical disability, cancer, infections and reduces the risk of dementia. This is especially true for post-menopausal women.

Exercising outdoors with friends yields many benefits. Not only are you more likely to exercise regularly (you’ve made a commitment to others); you’ll exercise longer, and increase your social engagement. Human bonds are the leading indicators for living longer.
I know, personally, that I look forward to my Tuesday morning jump rope dates with a BFF. After 45 minutes or so of roping and gabbing, I walk away with a rush of endorphins and a full heart. It’s the best therapy around!

So, call up your #KuelWomen friends and set-up some ongoing, weekly exercise dates. It’s a great way to live your Kuel Life!

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