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You Don’t Have To Feel Alone

Denise Drinkwalter June 2023 1

Momming Adult Kids: Denise Drinkwalter

Navigating the multitude of opportunities available for women to connect can often feel overwhelming.

Can you relate to that? In today’s digitally connected world, the possibilities for meeting people from all corners of the globe have expanded tremendously. However, there is still an untapped growth potential. One which I believe could greatly benefit everyone participating in the online space.

Have you had the chance to meet and connect with other women in their midlife years online? If you’re part of the Kuel Life community, chances are you have. It’s truly a remarkable opportunity for all of us to be part of this empowering community. Thanks to the visionary, tenacious, and wise Jack Perez. Through her creation of this focused and supportive community, we can connect, explore, and expand within our own midlife journey.

“Have you had the chance to meet and connect with other women in their midlife years online?”

The Sense Of Feeling Alone:

I’m writing this article in June because I want to address a common feeling that many of us experience: the sense of feeling alone. This topic became even more apparent during a recent workshop I conducted. In that gathering of active, vulnerable, and supportive women, we engaged wholeheartedly—mind, body, and soul.

The workshop was incredibly powerful, revealing a deep-seated pain. And revealed a profound feeling of isolation that persists despite the abundance of opportunities to connect and be connected. During the workshop, we discussed various challenges faced by the participants. These challenges ranged from physically stressful situations to navigating complex relationship issues while trying to stay afloat amidst unexpected and jolting life circumstances.

As I reflect on the power of the workshop, my heart feels both fulfilled and empty simultaneously. You might wonder how that’s possible. The reason is that I was elated to witness the creation of such a safe space by all the attending women. It allowed those who typically observe from the sidelines to be lifted up and be supported in a profound way. They were finally able to speak their inner truths, worries, fears, and feelings of isolation, all while feeling calm, safe, and embraced as they shared their pain.

Our Own Well-Being:

Yet, my heart also weighs heavily with the knowledge that the experience shared by everyone during our brief time together revealed a unanimous truth: women are still grappling with feelings of loneliness despite the abundance of opportunities for connectivity.

One crucial aspect that emerged from the workshop was the challenge that women, particularly mothers, face in prioritizing their own well-being. We tend to focus on tending to everyone else’s needs, often neglecting our own. It was evident that everyone who shared their experiences deeply loved their families, but rarely, if ever, did they carve out time for themselves or place their own needs on the priority list. Many feel alone and unseen.

What happens when we neglect our own well-being is that we reach a juncture in our journey where those who used to depend on us now need us in a different way. As mothers, we find ourselves at a loss, unsure of who we are, overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions, and uncertain about how to integrate our life experiences, strengths, inner desires, and worthiness into a life that aligns with our true selves.

“when we start prioritizing ourselves, when we take care of our own big rocks, and when we invest in our individual growth, it has a profound ripple effect on our relationships”

But here’s the key: when we start prioritizing ourselves, when we take care of our own big rocks, and when we invest in our individual growth, it has a profound ripple effect on our relationships—with our children, our partners, and those within our sphere of influence.

We Are Not Alone:

Life is an ever-evolving journey, and when we utilize communities like Kuel Life, we come to realize, see, feel, and understand that we are not alone. There is a Sisterhood waiting in the wings, a Sisterhood that needs us just as much as we need it. With this understanding, we can soar, taking charge of our own big rocks and transforming not only our own lives but also the world around us.

I eagerly anticipate learning about the actions you will take to prioritize and nurture your big rocks, and to focus on what truly matters for you. Embrace the support and camaraderie of communities like Kuel Life, recognizing that you are not alone on this journey. Remember, when you prioritize yourself, your relationships thrive, and the world becomes a better place. So, take those first steps towards a life that resonates with your true self, and may it be a journey filled with fulfillment and happiness.

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Denise Drinkwalter

About the Author:

Denise is a sought-after international empowerment life coach who fully believes in the power of awareness, self-care, knowledge, and time. Denise has a gift and is able to combine her 31 years of award-winning teaching, and first-hand experiences as a Mom of three incredible well-established, happy and prosperous children to support the successful coaching roles she enlists.

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