Become a Member

WHY JOIN US? Membership is optional but if you join the KUEL community you get to take advantage of discounts on all purchases.

WHAT DOES THE MEMBERSHIP COST? It is a subscription based model with 2 discount choices.

Paying $3.99 a month gives you 10% off everything on our site except coaching, online classes, and travel.

Paying $5.99 a month gives you 10% off travel, online classes and coaching and 15% off everything else on our site.

One purchase usually covers the monthly membership!

WHY A SUBSCRIPTION MODEL?  We are committed to being “AD FREE” so you are not bombarded with random marketing messages. In addition, we want to extend great discounts on everything we offer to our community of Kuel Women – a subscription model helps defray admin costs.

WHAT IF I WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER TODAY? We’re in our ‘soft launch’ period and as of yet have no products or services to offer. If you still want to become a member; email us at and we will get you the details. We expect to have our COACHING and SHOPPING available really soon.

WHAT IF I WANT TO CANCEL?  No problem, we bill quarterly and will stop the membership at the end of the current quarter.

CAN I SIGN UP AGAIN AFTER CANCELING?  Of course, just join as if you are a new member.

HOW DO I GET DISCOUNT? As a member, you receive 10% or 15% discount when you shop at eligible retailers included on our website. Simply click through the retailer links to the retailer website and complete your purchase online during that session in the browser window that opens from that link. Ten percent of your order sub-total (minus taxes and fees) will be automatically applied to your purchase. There is no limit to the number of discounted items you can buy, you can earn 10% or 15% off an unlimited number of purchases on our site.

LIMITS AND DETAILS: To qualify for the discount, purchases must be made through the retailers links provided on the our program website, and you must be an active member at the time of purchase. The discount is valid on purchases, not taxes, shipping charges, or any other fees.