Kuel Life Membership

An online community and curated shopping experience for women in midlife.


Membership is optional, but if you join the KUEL community you get access to a private, social network. Because Kuel Life is committed to staying FREE of Advertising, the interactions within the community are PRIVATE. Unlike other social platforms that sell your personal information, Kuel Life keeps it safe, Only MEMBERS can access our Kuel Category Experts directly, pose questions to them, and to other members to ask for or give advice and encouragement. From time to time, there will be MEMBER ONLY content to take advantage of. Last, but not least MEMBERS get 10% discounts on all purchases in the store.  


Being a member of the Kuel Life Community costs less than a cup of coffee… and, I’m not even talking a fancy, Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk one… I’m talking brewed coffee…

$4.99 a month gives you MEMBERSHIP privileges. (Did I mention the private social network and access to relevant topic experts?)

In addition, if you subscribe for SIX months we will throw in ONE month for FREE. Join for the whole year? We will gift you TWO months for FREE.

One purchase in the Kuel Shop usually covers the monthly membership!


We are committed to being “AD FREE” so you are not bombarded with random marketing messages. We want to provide a platform whereby women can interact away from ‘big brother’s’ watch. In addition, we want to extend great discounts on everything we offer to our community of Kuel Women – a subscription model helps defray admin costs.


No problem, we bill monthly and will stop the membership at the end of the current month. Unless, you were super smarty and took advantage of our SIX MONTH (get ONE MONTH FREE) or TWELVE MONTH (get TWO MONTHS FREE) option. Then, we’re going to have to get our tech team in the mix…so, don’t quit. Of course you can always re-join if you change your mind.


You can subscribe at any time.

If you buy a membership first, on its own, you’ll receive an email with your unique logon and password. Then, whenever you want to shop you can logon and see your Member Discount on all the goodies. If you already have goodies in your cart and then subscribe, our fancy backend system will discount your purchase automatically.

Keep an eye out for your LOGIN information via email. You’ll want it for your subsequent visits.

Sound Good?

Our community is strong and growing. We would love to have you.