Dawn McGee is a Nutrition Evangelist and Lazy Cook. She is super passionate about putting the fun back into being healthy and does that by teaching women how to eat to serve their body, brain and soul so that they can get off the sidelines and back to doing all of the things that bring them joy. She works with women who are ready to make their health a priority and just need someone to help them get started and to guide them through the process.

Dawn has been coaching clients in person, online, in groups, and in a 1:1 capacity for more than a dozen years. Prior to becoming a nutrition and fitness coach, she spent over 25 years in the high-tech industry, so she truly understands the life of busy professional women. 

On the personal side, Dawn has a delightful 18-year-old son who is a 2nd degree black belt in karate, and is moving on to college next year, all while trying to figure out what he will do with the next phase of his life. She also has a wonderfully supportive husband who she has been married to for over 20 years.

Join her free group www.facebook.com/groups/NeverDiet and follow her on IG @dmnutrition and on FB @dmnutritioncoach to hear about all the other fun stuff she has (and get a ton of free + valuable info) If you’re ready to cut through the noise, grab her free guide to 7 Nutrition Lies here --> Free Guide: 7 Nutrition Lies We’ve All Been Fed

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