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Over 50? Try These Strength Building Moves From Chris Freytag

ChrisFretag KUEL

Chris Freytag is one of our favorite fitness gurus. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, we highly recommend it. Here she shares a few, fairly easy ways, to incorporate weight bearing exercises into your routine.

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These are awesome strength training movements for women over 50! Well actually – they’re good for anybody but so many women over the age of 50 are NOT doing any strength training. And as we age, it’s critical to retain muscle mass to stay mobile and keep our metabolism going. ☺ PS – it’s never too late to get started! ? Try this quick workout!!! Perform 10-12 reps per exercise, 2-3 rounds! ✨ Squat Bicep with Knee Lift ✨ Forearm Plank ✨ Single-leg Hamstring Bridge ✨ Reverse Grip Double Arm Row ✨ Cross Behind Lunge with Lateral Raise ✨ Tricep Kickback Let me know how you liked it!!! For the full workout you can check out my “linkinprofile” in my bio ? https://gethealthyu.com/strength-training-moves-for-women-over-50/?slider=strength-training-over-50

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