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Dear Kuel Life Women,

Aging Is A Privelege 09082019 Kuel Life

Dear Kuel Life Women,
I see a lot of conversations happening about aging positively and what that means.
For some of us it means allowing the grey hair to grow in, going through menopause without hormonal therapies, and keeping away from injectables. For some it may mean the complete opposite.
Here’s what’s KUEL… the gift and privilege of aging, to me, means that I get to do ME; however I choose. And, I get to change my mind anytime I want. I do color my hair and use bio-identical HRT (I‘d be one cranky hot mess without it). I dabble with injectables…. for NOW… Who knows what I’ll do tomorrow?
My passion and mission in creating Kuel Life is to provide a safe haven for all of us to participate in aging as we choose; but not to have to go it alone! I am here for you – if you color or don’t… if you botox or don’t…. I don’t care. You are all beautiful to me and I am honored to be on this journey with you.
Yours Kuelly,
Jacqueline (Jack)

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