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Get In Your Knowing

Nina Obier August 2022

Joy Kuel Thought Leader: Nina Obier

Have you ever had a deadline looming? What kind of energy do you bring to it? Typically, I am pretty good about getting out of my head. 

Get In Your Knowing:

“I got real and raw with myself. And I discovered my block, released it, and replaced it.”

This time was different. My keynote was fast approaching. I pulled out all the stops. I reached out to my mastermind groups. Moreover, I researched the industry I am presenting to. I interviewed a top producer. And I referred to previous keynotes. 

I could not get in the flow. Until I received the words from my trusted brain training mentor, Dana Wilde. She said, and I quote, “Nina, get in your knowing.” 

I immediately took out a piece of paper and began writing. I got real and raw with myself. And I discovered my block, released it, and replaced it. 

That Was Easy! Or Was It?

The process is simple, not always easy. Why you ask? For a few reasons. We slow down or derail the process by wanting the approval of others. We get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. And we stop dead in our tracks because we keep thinking about what other people will think. That’s exhausting. 

Many of us never get the ball rolling because we are unwilling to call those blocks out. We are unwilling to be real and raw. This is the key. If you don’t lovingly call out your truth and be kind to your thoughts and feelings, you can’t shift them to a space that will serve you. 

Emotional Scale Please:

This is a tool we use to shift our emotions at any moment. You identify the emotion you are feeling and then say sentences that represent the emotional state to the right of the emotion you are feeling. 

“The emotional scale allows us to honor and feel our emotions fully”

Remember my mentor said to get into my knowing. That meant I first had to identify where I was currently at on the emotional scale. When I got real and raw, I realized I was at fear. Which meant I now had to move myself across the emotional scale, little by little. 

emotional scale

If you are feeling fear or worry, then say a bunch of sentences in a row that start with the words “I’m angry because…” say those sentences for a few minutes until you FEEL angry. Then you can move one more spot to the right and start saying a bunch of sentences in a row that start, “I’m frustrated because…” After a few minutes, move on to “hope” and so on. 

The emotional scale allows us to honor and feel our emotions fully and, at the same time, shift ourselves to a better emotional state. 

Smooth Sailing From Here On Out:

Yes and, this won’t be the last time you get in your head. Which will cause the seas to get rough. Instead of waiting for the seas to calm. You are now armed with a tool that goes with the flow. You get to feel your feelings then shift them one at a time knowing that “In the flow is where we grow.”

*(graphic and explanation courtesy of Dana Wilde

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Nina Obier

About the Author:

Nina is the acclaimed author of “Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” and “My Daily Clarity” In her keynotes, seminars, and workshops she brings her positive energy and a unique ability to make the complex simple. As Founder of Success Simplified, Nina’s mission is to provide action-oriented tools and strategies so that her audiences and clients gain the ability to remove doubt, discouragement, and distraction to replace it with clarity, confidence, and commitment. 

Nina is passionate about personal development and is known for having the wisdom of a 90-year-old with the energy of a 9 year old.