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Tips and Tricks for Stress Free Downsizing


‘Own less. Live more’. Unknown
When you are downsizing there is very little time to sit and read a book! Yet forget to read this book before you begin downsizing at your peril! This book has been designed to be read whilst drinking a glass of wine or cup of coffee before you even start to downsize your home. With the guidelines of the book at hand, in no time at all, you will have the confidence to move home stress-free.

‘Be as simple as you can be; you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become.’ Paramahasa Yogonada

This book covers:
The author’s personal experiences of downsizing
Defining your reasons for downsizing and why it’s important
The steps you must take before you even begin to move the very first item
The actual physical process of downsizing and the quickest way to do this
The one mistake most people make in their new home and it probably isn’t what you expect

Each section includes Tips and Tricks along the way to may the process simple, smooth and stress-free.

This book is not for you right now if you:

Dislike following simple step by step procedures
Are in the process of decluttering
You want to depersonalise your home for sale staging


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‘This book is full of excellent practical advice, as well as warmth and recognition of the emotional side of downsizing. The step by step guide and your tips were clear, sensible and very workable. There are plenty of books about decluttering and living with less, but you write from the heart, and from real-life experience, not because it’s the latest trend or because you’re jumping on a bandwagon. This shines through in every aspect of the book. I had to downsize a couple of years ago and it wasn’t something I wanted to do, so it was a very tough process for me, personally. I wish I’d had your book to refer to at the time. I think it would have made the whole process far less painful. Even after the fact, I’ve found some help from reading this, so thank you.’
Andrea Steel. UK

‘Wow! This really hits home to the fact that we hang on to and carry so much STUFF around with us that is really just baggage! It is really all about change, and that can be the most uncomfortable thing to do. By asking the questions Kay highlights and the using the tips suggested it can clarify all the reasons which make it easier to do. A great little companion to have when the time comes to downsize.’ Thank you, Kay.
Linda Ledwidge. Spain.

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