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Stop Being Realistic – Pursue Your Dreams

Bethany Clemenson August 2022

Big Life Kuel Life Thought Leader: Bethany Clemenson

We hear it all the time…“Follow your dreams!”

“But let’s face it, no one else is going to pursue YOUR dream for you.”

Reasons To Pursue Your Dreams:

How many of us actually do it? Life often gets in the way, finances can be daunting, myriad and sundry “to dos” fill up our days. How important is it to break that cycle? Why bother to follow your dreams?

We could give you a laundry list of reasons to pursue your dreams. Everything from they make life worth living to inspiring others to helping you get excited about the way you spend your days – and so much more. Pursuing our dreams can be scary. But let’s face it, no one else is going to pursue YOUR dream for you.

What better way to show the power of pursuing one’s dreams than a real-life example? Bethany Clemenson, our Live a Big Life Thought Leader, shares with our Community a powerful, personal anecdote.

Not Being Realistic:

Recently Bethany had a conversation with her daughter about dreams and goals. Inside this video, Bethany shares that conversation and why our dreams are often not realistic, responsible, or reasonable. She also talks about what happens when we don’t go after our dreams and includes journal prompts to help you uncover your beliefs around what is possible for you and what you are worthy of.

If you have this sense that there is more for you but find yourself stuck in a place of feeling you shouldn’t go after it – this video is for you.


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Bethany Clemenson

About the Author:

A little over a decade ago, Bethany found herself in a place where on the outside it looked like she was killing it but on the inside, it was killing her. She had climbed the corporate ladder and was an award-winning leader in the company. She and her husband had built their dream home. They had two healthy children and were financially thriving. Behind the scenes, Bethany worked 80 plus hours a week, was on-call 24/7, and traveled regularly. She and her family were disconnected and she felt exhausted, unfulfilled, resentful, and frustrated. A different path was needed.

Clemenson left her corporate role. Now, as a dual certified coach and international speaker, Bethany serves individuals who are ready for a transition. She guides and supports them to let go of what is not serving them so they can get the results they want and live their Big Life – On Their Terms! Follow Bethany on IG for more uplifting content.