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11 Tips Learned As A Stylist & Beauty Educator For 28 Years

Gail Scott March 2023 1

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

In my 28 years of helping women to look their best, I’ve certainly learned more than my fair share of fashion and beauty tips.

This month I am sharing some of them that may help you to look your best!

1.Wearing The Right Colors Changes Everything:

So many women have no idea of their best colors, or how to mix colors together in a way that is flattering to them. Often, women settle for beige, white, navy, and black to avoid making choices they don’t understand. Get help! As a beauty educator, I suggest systems like www.yourcolorstyle.com exist to help women determine the best colors to wear. When you strategically build a wardrobe of your best colors, you will always have something to wear.

Lip color can make darkness under the eyes more noticeable or make teeth look whiter.”

2. Lip Color Matters, A Lot:

In their lack of confidence about color, women often choose those middle zone, boring, neutral tones, bypassing the lip colors that would light them up. Again, knowledge is power, and the right professional can help you find the right makeup colors and the right application techniques. Lip color can make darkness under the eyes more noticeable or make teeth look whiter, it’s all about the shade selection. Unsure ask a fellow beauty educator, they can help.

3. Sizing Of Clothing Varies Greatly:

To get a great fit, start by taking your current measurements (don’t guess, do it). When ordering online, consult the sizing guide provided on most retail websites. Keep notes of the brands that seem to fit you the best, and what size you wear in different pieces within that brand. Over time, you will find your best options of stores to visit to get a great fit. If you gain or lose weight, don’t just assume a smaller size, re-take your measurements. 

4. Sales Can Lead To Buying Mistakes:

It doesn’t even matter if the sale doesn’t save us much money, we love a discount. Don’t be lured in, do the math. And also, ask yourself if you really need it. I see women with closets full of “sale items” that don’t work well for them. You are better off spending more on items that do work. 

5. Knowing Your Body Shape Is Important:

We all think we are overweight, but it’s the proportion that really matters”

We all think we are overweight, but it’s the proportion that really matters when shopping for the right pieces to flatter your body. Knowing if you are a full hourglass, tight hourglass, pear, apple, etc. will give you a good starting point in finding the clothing shapes that will look best on you. Every style and fad is not for everyone’s body. When you gain or lose weight, re-assess and see if you still fit the same shape description. 

6. Hold Your Head Up, Walk With Confidence:

Women do not know how beautiful they are. It’s true. I can be in front of the most beautiful woman and she will be caught up on her flaws. It’s shocking. Of course, some comments could be feigned humility, but most seem to be genuine. When we look at ourselves, we focus on what we don’t love or what we don’t think looks great, rather than the great features that we have. We are all beautiful in our own way. Please know that. And those women that you deem more beautiful than yourself? They often just have better makeup and clothing and have learned the ways to make themselves look their best. Stripped of all of our makeup and stylish clothes, we all look pretty basic. Confidence is beautiful. So lift your chin and walk out the door knowing that you are gorgeous.

7. Update Your Shoes, Hairstyle, And Accessories To Look More Modern:

If you desire to look hip and modern, make sure to keep up with trends in these areas. An otherwise dated outfit can look up-to-date with on-trend accessories. Updating your inventory of finishing pieces is a great way to get longer wear out of your clothes. And a fresh modern haircut can go a long way to looking on the outside like you feel on the inside.

8. Outfits Need To Be Styled:

Give thought to the entire look and you’ll get a much better result.”

To get a fantastic look, we need to give thought to completing an outfit with great accessories (see above) and wearing all of the pieces the best way. For a blouse, that may mean to tuck or not, to add a belt or not, etc. For pants, should we roll them up or leave them down? What shoe height works with the length of the pant? Give thought to the entire look and you’ll get a much better result. As a beauty educator, I often give my style clients challenges to add accessories to outfits, as I see way more under-accessorizing than over-accessorizing. Finish by tying your hair and makeup choices into the look.

9. Don’t Lose Yourself Getting Everyone Else Dressed:

A wife and mother will see that everyone has great clothing before they buy for themselves. We tell ourselves that we do not matter. I often have women come to me in the empty nest stage. They now feel they have the time and energy to focus on themselves. I am here to tell you that you matter and you deserve to look great too!

9. We Need To Go For Bra Fittings More Often:

When our bras do not fit, not only are they uncomfortable, they do not help “the girls” to sit where they should (like in the darts). Most women do not go often enough, even when they lose or gain large amounts of weight. When you lose or gain 15 lbs, it’s time to be refitted. We also do not care for our bras properly. Any beauty educator will tell you that you need at least four in a rotation; wear, wash, dry, & rest. And while at the bra store, get a good shaping cami and shaping shorts in nude.

10. Changing Your Hair Color Can Go Very Wrong:

Women often think their hair should be lighter shades as they age. That is great, if the lighter shade works with your skin and eye coloring. If we go warmer or cooler with our hair color, it can throw off our look. When you regularly highlight your hair, and never add back low lights, you eventually wind up blonde. That’s okay if that is your intention, but for many, it doesn’t work with their skin tone. Study your coloring and what hair colors flatter your skin tone and eye color, then make an informed decision with a qualified stylist on your best hair color shade.

11. Our Skin Care Routine Should Be Assessed And Updated:

What was best in your 20s is probably not best for your middle-aged skin.”

As we age our skin has different needs. This also occurs with hormonal changes and lifestyle changes like moving to a different climate. Regularly assess your skin’s needs. What was best in your 20s is probably not best for your middle-aged skin. Now if a product is working well and giving you all the benefits that you need, by all means, stick with it. But, if not, new products are being developed all the time, and one of them may offer the benefits you currently need. 

I hope you have learned something from this piece and my 28 years as a beauty educator. I hope it helps you to look and feel your best in midlife!

Until next month, XOXO,

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
As a 28 year veteran in the beauty industry, she is passionate about helping women to look their best and to express themselves in their outward appearance. She is also co-host of the Midlife Moxie podcast, available on all major platforms. Find Gail on IG: @gailsscott
Email: [email protected] Or through www.yourcolorstyle.com

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    Enjoyed the article very much! All 11 Tips are very beneficial! Excellent advice! Gail Scott is wise and very gifted!

  2. Jenni says:

    Sound advice from “The Smokey Eye Queen!!!” I totally fall into the “it was on sale” trap 🤦🏽‍♀️

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