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4 Steps To Embody Your Heart

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Sexuality Expert: Beth Keil 

In numerology, 2022 is Universal Year 6; focused on relationships, emotions, and what serves us in our life.

Eleanor Gona, an experienced numerologist, says this year is about communication, assessing your relationships, and balancing your needs and those of others.

“Embodiment of the heart is the willingness to really look at your relationships..”

Due to the number of 2s in 2022, it’s about being “supersensitive” and “hyperaware” about relationships, thus making it an opportunity for you to embody your heart — to stop minimizing or denying how you feel, and instead, embrace your emotions as your inner compass of wisdom and guidance!

To Be Aware Requires Listening To Your Heart’s Whispering:

Embodiment of the heart is the willingness to really look at your relationships and ask important questions such as — am I really happy or am I settling instead?

…and midlife really turns the heat up to answer these questions!

Being Too Sensitive And Emotional:

As children, we want and need to belong; this leads to becoming vulnerable to what others say or think, especially the grown-ups in our life. Their judgments have led many of us to mute or minimize our ability to speak up, and dim what we think and feel.

“The unconscious messages I took in were, in order to be loved, I better be good, intense feelings were bad”

When I was a little girl, I was told I had “temper tantrums”, and my mother would put me in my room and close the door. Only after I quieted down, would she return. The unconscious messages I took in were, in order to be loved, I better be good, intense feelings were bad, and it was safer to push down my feelings (a recipe for tantrums!).

Recall experiences you’ve had, those that may have led you to also disconnect from listening to your heart and inner wisdom. Without this connection, looking deeply at what we need, want, and desire is scary. Without this inner compass, we may not have a sense of direction or understanding.

When You Become Judge:

What you are told by an outer authority figure, such as a parent or teacher, about which feelings or behaviors are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, will later become your voice.

In time you become your own judge, jury, and executioner. This process becomes so automatic you may fail to notice it, yet it impacts your experiences as well as your relationships. You see it whenever you judge yourselves or others, whether it’s thinking you’re stupid, inadequate, or undeserving of love.

Go Away, A Little Closer!

Fear of being judged results in wanting a close relationship, while at the same time unconsciously protecting your heart!  But It doesn’t work really well!

“Such protection keeps you from experiencing deep intimacy and connection of all types.”

When you add being “supersensitive” and “hyperaware”, you can find yourself protecting yourself at all costs; as can the person you’re involved with.

The Sad Irony:

Instead of being open and vulnerable, you’re busy fortifying your fortress! Such protection keeps you from experiencing deep intimacy and connection of all types.

Not only don’t you have the intimacy you desire, you can end up feeling angry you’re not getting what you need, sad about what you’re missing, and even scared thinking you may never have the relationship you want!

What You Think Is A Relationship Issue Can Be An Embodying One!

When you don’t know or can’t speak your heart’s whispering, how can you have intimacy, romantic or otherwise?

4 Steps To Embody Your Heart!

  1. Start Identifying the Messages

Notice messages that cause you to feel judged, ones that make you think there’s something wrong with you.

  1. Challenge the Beliefs Behind Them

As your awareness increases, the next step is to challenge the beliefs behind them. The beliefs from being isolated when I had a temper tantrum was it was all about me!

My mother must have been isolated as a child (it doesn’t make what she did okay), and I realize, on some level, my intensity unconsciously triggered her fears. I’m guessing she didn’t know what to do, so she put me in my room. In other words, this was NOT about me!

“Fear grows the more it happens, contributing to protecting yourself, including not embodying your heart!”

It’s Not About You:

By challenging the beliefs you hold, you get to learn someone else’s reaction is related to their own experience; and that it’s not about you!

  1. Challenge the Judgments

The culture teaches us to make judgments about ourselves, and school is a big reason why. When you get graded year after year, you become afraid of being wrong or making mistakes. Fear grows the more it happens, contributing to protecting yourself, including not embodying your heart!

Now, instead of thinking you’re inadequate, not loveable, or good enough, challenging lets you confront the assumptions you made as a child, clearing the impact judgments have made in your life!

  1. Embracing Comparisons

There’s a difference between making a comparison and judging; for example, comparing people’s height is different than making one better over the other.

When we recognize people as well as ourselves, as unique, then celebrate our diversity as individuals, a profound shift occurs. No longer is it now about what’s better, but about acknowledging, even celebrating our differences!

Are You Ready For A 6 Year?

Using these four steps can help you embody your heart, listen to your emotions, and use them as your inner compass of wisdom and guidance. It helps you open yourself to being vulnerable, and ask those important relationship questions and create (or recreate!) relationships that cause your heart to soar!

Welcome to 2022!

Eleanor Gona is a practicing Numerologist, who offers readings to assist clients in finding a practical approach to solving life’s problems. If interested in a reading, contact her at [email protected] with Reading in the subject line.

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About the Author:

Beth Keil helps her clients change and transform their lives. She offers a special focus on helping people claim the birthright of their erotic identity and to live in the joy, intimacy, and connection it brings. Beth is a Registered Nurse, MindSet Coach, and a Board Certified Hypnotist. Through her work, she enjoys integrating all her interests, experiences, and skills to bring sensuality, sex, and the erotic into greater awareness and conversation. You can schedule a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation with Beth using the Discovery Session icon.