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5 Tips To Find Your Right Mindset And Motivation

Nancy Tepper August 2023 1

Transitions Kuel Thought Leader: Nancy Tepper

Whoever said Rome wasn’t built in a day was really onto something when it comes to the concept of changing our behavior.

Because we live in a world of constant stimulation, we seek new ways to grow our mindsets and improve our lifestyles. Human nature makes us want change, but rigidity, comfort, fear, and stigma about change sometimes prevents us from seeking it out.

Some changes are easily embraced (like marriage, parenthood, or a new fun pleasure purchase) but some changes are so difficult because we aren’t really open to them. However, a few tweaks can help you find the right mindset and motivation to make behavioral change so much easier.

“Human nature makes us want change..”

Effectuate A Sustained Change In Your Mindset And Motivation:

What do you need to do to effectuate a sustained change?

Here are five tips that can help you!!

1. Use Positive Emotions And Find A Deeper Purpose.

When deciding that you need to change (whether it be to eat better or to stop overthinking) approach it from a place of positivity. For example, if you want to lose weight, it is easier to stick with a change if you want to be healthy, feel better, and live longer. It is easier to change if positive associations with long term change make it more achievable (meaning healthier lifestyle rather than bikini goals!) and will help you stay committed to the change for the long term.

2. Make Sure You Want To Change.

Make sure when you decide you want to change something that it really resonates with you. If it isn’t a priority or something you are just not feeling any urgency towards, it is easier to procrastinate accomplishing this goal.

3. Take Responsibility For The Change.

Take control of your own situations instead of blaming others for your failures or things you haven’t achieved. When you take control and stop acting like a victim, it is much easier to change and take back the power to get what you want in life.

“Wanting change and being open is really a sign of self-love.”

4. Don’t Lose Patience.

Failure can be a part of change. There is a lot of learning when you are trying to change so don’t expect things to go as planned. If you want a change, don’t give up at the first setback. Accepting failures and mistakes are part of the process for change because growth and learning come from knowledge that you get from the adversity that you face along the path of change.

5. Don’t Be Afraid.

A lot of times, we don’t make changes because we are afraid of what that change will be like and how we will feel. Believe it or not, people resist change because we develop muscle memory and comfort for the things that we do that are not good for us. We also think that wanting change means that we are unhappy but it’s really the opposite. Wanting change and being open is really a sign of self-love.

Change can be scary and uncertain, but the results can be rewarding. When you change your mindset and motivation, you can embrace a new version of yourself and enjoy the benefits and rewards. The way we look at change can be inspiring and lead to better mental health, resilience and hopefully happiness.

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About the Author:

Nancy Tepper is a 54 year- old mother of three living in New York City and having fun in this next chapter. She loves tennis, yoga, and is an avid reader. Nancy loves spending time with family and friends and loves to help people. She is currently a member of the Board and Executive Director of Stand Up! Girls which is a non-profit offering stand-up comedy classes to under-served girls in the five boroughs of New York City.

Nancy is also a co-founder of MT Nesters podcast which offers valuable advice and inspiration to women who are empty nested and trying to pivot. Lastly, Nancy is a certified Life Coach and works with people who want to transition, or individuals who want to make positive changes in their lives. You can reach Nancy at  [email protected] .To learn more about Nancy, please visit her website at www.nancyteppercoaching.com