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Co-Moderate with Me! (Jack)

Join me in co-moderating a Second Act Sisters room on Clubhouse. Pick a date in the calendar below. Choose a topic! Your choice – as long as it’s relevant to WOMEN in midlife and beyond. Let’s showcase your EXPERTISE. We have a great deal to SHARE. LEARN. & PLAY. with one another.

Please note: you must FOLLOW ME and the Second Act Sisters Club for me to actually set-up the room. Not my rules…but, rules nonetheless.

Are you a Kuel Life Member? Want to leverage the rapid growth of our Second Act Sisters Club? Let me know. Happy to help you set up YOUR OWN room in our Club. Take a look below at our amazing conversations hosted by our Kuel Life sisters! You can drop me an email and we can set you up – HERE and on CLUBHOUSE!

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