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Connection To My Own Life – Storm Blas And Me

Kay Newton December 2021

Connection Kuel Category Expert: Kay Newton

As I write my final connection contribution for Kuel Life in 2021, I find myself listening to a storm Blas outside.

And, I find myself contemplating its connection to my own life. It is an analogy for the past twelve months and my expectations for 2022. 

We are all going through turbulent times right now. I understand that how we master our reactions in the present moment will be mirrored in all of future humanity. I am determined to stay grounded and not involve myself in THE virus out there – fear. It has not been an easy task. 

“Nature is magnificent, and when we truly connect, we can see so many lessons and messages.”

Storm Blas And Me:

Blas translates in Spanish to the stammerer or stutterer and in other languages as taste. It has shaken the Balearic islands. Nature is magnificent, and when we truly connect, we can see so many lessons and messages. Mediterranean Medicane’s can pack a serious punch and cause havoc. Blas was no exception. 

We know that storms can create fear, uncertainty, pessimism, and negativity. We can board up the windows and shut down our home in fear, or we can stand courageously in the full force of the storm. Yet as with everything in life, we have the choice to hide or expand, survive or ascend. 

The key is to know what to do when. 

“The salt spray stings exposed skin, tasting sharp and pungent.”

Standing In The Storm:

When you stand in a storm, you feel part of it, not separate. I love to surrender to the elemental powers. You are no longer in control. Everything is just as it is, a sense of complete freedom and flow.

As the wind pounds and the sea foams, it is easy to imagine I am part of a Sufi Whirling Dervish. With my arms flung wide for balance, like an excited child, I can scream and shout. My voice disappears into the abyss, never-to-be-heard. The salt spray stings exposed skin, tasting sharp and pungent. 

The smell of the sea is pure adrenalin. The rush of energy connects through my heart, body, and soul and turns into pure joy. When we accept our interdependence with nature, we also care more for the planet as our home.

“These simple small steps connect me to my purpose and impact on the world.”

The Eye Of Blas:

When the Medicane’s eye arrived, all was warm and calm, quiet and peaceful. The storm rages on, swirling around the islands. Yet, for a time, I stand on the beach and imagine staying in this place of calm and flow. It is an opportunity to feel and connect to the present moment. As new forces rush and explode into the world, I can eye them with tranquillity and without fear.

When I look at the satellite weather map, I have a birds-eye view of Blas. By seeing the big vision, then letting it go, I can focus on the present moment, the daily step-by-step details. These simple small steps connect me to my purpose and impact on the world.

“seeing the big vision, then letting it go, I can focus on the present moment, the daily step-by-step details..”

Battening Down The Hatches:

Sometimes the only choice when the tempest threatens is to batten down the hatches and ride it out. But first, preparation work is needed. There is no time to waste on non-essentials. Energy is conserved, and simplicity takes over

Staying safely indoors may not connect you to the external elements, yet it allows you to go within. Isolation can be a time to sit patiently with yourself and connect to your heart, gut feelings and the wisdom of the universe. In times of change, stability comes from within. 

When I ride out a storm, I can trust in who I am. There is a knowing confidence in the choice made. I do the inner work, lead by example, and impact others. When you batten down the hatches from a place of love, not fear, all that is left to do is wait patiently. The key – remember that this too shall pass. 

“We always have a choice on what actions we take.”

After Blas:

When the storm passes, the world looks and feels different. It is often a time when a local community comes together. A time for contemplation and reflection – what did we learn, what can we do differently?

In turbulent times, I feel the need to connect to those that speak my language – spiritually, socially, and physiologically – to let go of energies that no longer serve me. I often find new synchronicities and alliances formed during the toughest of times.

Creative Freedom:

Nature reminds us that there is no need for competition, just creative freedom to be. We always have a choice on what actions we take. When we trust in the process of life, we can learn to love a storm. 

Thank you for reading to the end. You may have noticed the highlighted words in the text. If you click on them, you can connect to other Kuel Life posts I have written this year. 

My final thought. In 2022, to what will you connect?

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About the Author:

Kay is the founder of Midlife Strategies, an award-winning International Speaker, and enthusiastic author. She is an acknowledged expert guiding women to find their mojo, through the Midlife Squeeze.

Kay’s books include: 

Today, Kay lives a simple life next to a beach in Mallorca, Spain. You can find Kay here: www.KayNewton.com.