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Lately, I can’t help but notice all that is broken and malfunctioning (including me).

I don’t think it’s just me in this mindset. This feels like a prevalent trend: an inclination to highlight what’s wrong, often overshadowing the appreciation for what is working. It’s easy to become fixated on the negative aspects of life, neglecting the positive elements surrounding us. After all, we are hard-wired with a negativity bias.

While addressing problems is crucial, there’s value in acknowledging and celebrating what’s functioning well. It’s a balance that, when achieved, contributes to a more holistic and effective problem-solving approach. Not to mention keeps us all out of Hopeless Hallway.

Build A Repository Of Solutions:

I refer to the modern wisdom found in the construction of the perfect burrito at Moe’s Southwest Grill.”

When faced with challenges, the initial instinct is to delve into the root causes, attempting to understand the source of the issue. However, equally important is building a repository of solutions—analogs that can be drawn upon when needed. This proactive approach requires us to identify and appreciate what is working, contributing to the development of a robust database of potential fixes. 

In navigating complex problems, the path to a solution often involves simplifying the issue to identify its component parts. By addressing these components individually, we can combine them strategically, ultimately creating a comprehensive resolution. This methodology aligns with the philosophy of Moeism, not to be confused with Mohism and the ancient teachings of the Chinese philosopher Mo Di. Instead, I refer to the modern wisdom found in the construction of the perfect burrito at Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Let’s delve into the essence of Moeism by examining the individual ingredients of the perfect burrito and understanding how their combination transcends the predictable to create something new and delightful. In doing so, we can draw parallels to our lives, recognizing positive elements that serve as the building blocks for crafting solutions to more intricate problems.

Perfection In Moeism:

Just like in life, the people, experiences, and knowledge we accumulate form a diverse palette of resources.”

At the core of any burrito is the tortilla—a simple yet crucial element. It provides the foundation, holding together the diverse ingredients within. Similarly, in life, our foundational values and principles serve as the base upon which we build solutions. Identifying and reinforcing these core values can stabilize our approach to problem-solving, offering a reliable structure for addressing challenges.

Next, let’s consider the diverse array of fillings that contribute to the richness of a burrito. Each ingredient brings its unique flavor and texture, enhancing the overall experience. Just like in life, the people, experiences, and knowledge we accumulate form a diverse palette of resources. Acknowledging and appreciating these elements allows us to recognize the wealth of positive influences that can be leveraged when devising solutions. Knowing which ingredients ruin this experience is equally crucial as you stand, stare, and point to the wide array of options at the ready.

The Array Of Components For Perfection:

This amalgamation reflects the importance of collaboration and synergy in our lives”

In my Moe’s burrito, guacamole adds a creamy texture and a burst of freshness. This unanticipated delight mirrors the unexpected sources of inspiration and support that often exist in our lives — elements that inject vibrancy and freshness into our problem-solving endeavors. Recognizing and embracing these unexpected sources can provide a unique edge when navigating challenges. Know your guacamole and make sure you have plenty on hand.

Salsa, with its varying degrees of heat and flavor, introduces an element of excitement. In life, challenges often require a dynamic approach, adjusting the intensity and strategy based on the circumstances. Learning to adapt and infuse enthusiasm into our problem-solving endeavors can turn a mundane solution into a thrilling triumph. Sometimes we need to turn up the heat to move the needle or get noticed. That’s okay.

As we layer on cheese, beans, and protein, we witness the harmony of diverse components working together to create a satisfying whole. This amalgamation reflects the importance of collaboration and synergy in our lives. By fostering positive relationships and leveraging collective strengths, we can enhance our problem-solving capabilities, creating solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. 

Know What To Avoid:

In my world, the perfect burrito has no rice. Rice is tricky; working to fill one’s belly with subpar nutritionally valuable material. Rice has no intrinsic character. Instead, it is insipid and robs its flavor from its superior companions – a player to keep on the sidelines when combining disparate elements to create a harmonious whole. 

By recognizing and celebrating the positive elements in our lives and knowing which ones to keep clear of, we can build a reservoir of resources to tackle challenges with creativity, resilience, and a dash of excitement. Just as the perfect burrito is a masterpiece of unexpected combinations, our lives can be enriched by the unexpected perfection that lies within our diverse experiences and relationships. Well, as long as that boring rice keeps to itself.

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