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Ever Consider Mexico To Retire? Get US Living At One-Third The Cost

Akaisha Kaderli June 2021

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli

Mexico, that constantly media-bashed country to the south of the US, might be your better option for retirement for great living.

One million Americans already call Mexico their home and it’s amazingly easy to obtain your residency visa for full-time living. Most receiving theirs in a matter of days. Many, already, consider Mexico to retire.

Snowbirds easily add another million visitors to this number and can stay 6 months on a no-cost visitors visa!

With its proximity to the United States, both US and Mexican airlines offer non-stop flights to and from many destinations in the US. Or, of course, you could drive. So, visiting family or utilizing Medicare is much easier than if you were to live elsewhere overseas.

There are lots of reasons why Mexico is a great choice for retirement. Let’s list some:

“There are lots of reasons why Mexico is a great choice for retirement, so let’s list some.”

Cost Of Living:

Mexico has everything that the US offers – along with a better lifestyle – at a fraction of the cost.

The dollar exchange rate makes for attractive affordability.

The cost of a beer is 30 Pesos or about $1.50 at a bar. A lakeside lunch of grilled salmon with wine or a margarita as your beverage plus a generous tip runs about $11USD per person.

Commonly used medicines at pharmacies won’t break the bank, and a consultation with a cardiologist or a surgeon is less than $40USD.

More On Medical Care:

Many US doctors train in major Mexican hospitals where “care” is still part of the healthcare industry.

Most doctors here – including specialists – are easily available through phone, WhatsApp, or email and most speak English. Highly skilled dentists are abundant with oral surgeons performing teeth implants for a price less than your dental copay back home.

Assisted living options run the gamut. Pricing for private rooms in a traditional Mexican mansion with gardens, comfort dogs, meals included, internet, laundry service, social activities and a driver to take you to appointments are about $2,000USD per month.


Here in Chapala, Mexico, all price ranges are available for both rentals and homeownership. For as little as $300 USD a month you can rent a one-bedroom furnished apartment, or you can purchase a house in any of the towns which dot the lake for many times that amount.

Maids and gardeners are commonplace, and the price for plumbers, carpenters, and electricians run about the same as a Lakeside lunch.

Whatever your budget and desires allow, you can find something here.

Larger Colonial Cities offer the city life with rooftop bars, nightlife, theater, and orchestras. So, one is not limited to small-town charm.


What’s your preference?

Mexico has mountain towns like San Miguel de Allende with 6000 feet elevation and cool temps or dry climates like Oaxaca with eternal spring-like weather year-round. Mexico boasts two coastlines of beaches that rival the best in the US. You can have your choice of the rugged Pacific Coast or more Caribbean-style calm waters.

Whether it’s a four-season location or a tropical one, a bustling city or a moderate-sized town, there is something for everyone.

“Whatever your budget and desires allow, you can find something here.”

Transport- INAPAM Card:

Modern public transportation is available all over Mexico. Contemporary buses with reclining seats and your own entertainment system travel to every major city and little outposts way in the hills. Or, choose to hire a personal driver. Taxis and Uber are widely available.

In-country discount air-carrier flights make Mexico an easy county to travel to and are staggeringly cheap.

Along with your residency card, if you are over 60 years of age, you qualify for an INAPAM card. This allows you major discounts on buses and free access to museums. We can fly from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta for less than $50 or bus it for $13 with our INAPAM cards.

Availability Of Food, Upscale Dining, Local Markets, And Online Shopping:

Mexico by far has the best food in Latin America and the street food rivals that of Thailand. If your a foodie, it’s easy to consider Mexico to retire.

Local traditional foods like tacos and pozole can be found anywhere, and fusion foods like white mole will rival that of New York and California.

Mexican markets sell tropical fruits, gourmet cheeses, pastries, imported and Sonoran beef, fresh seafood, and mounds of moles. Modern super-store grocery chains like Soriana, Sams, Costco, and Wal*Mart have dotted the country.

Due to the convenience of online shopping, we now have items delivered to our door via Amazon, or Mercado Libre without a hitch. Things that used to be difficult to find here are now routine.

Living In Mexico’s Time Zone And International Cell Service:

Mexico has similar time zones as the US and Canada, so calling home to family members is a breeze.

Telcel, the local cell service, runs 200 Pesos per month or about $10 USD with FREE unlimited calls and time to the US and Canada as well as 3.5 gig data.

Lots Of English Speaking Mexicans:

Where ever we have traveled throughout the country we have found English speakers.

The younger Mexicans, especially in University towns, always want to practice their English and can act as a translator if necessary.

If retirement is in your future and you are looking for an affordable location with wonderful weather, similar culture, friendly people, and a relaxed lifestyle, try Mexico. You should definitely consider Mexico to retire.

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