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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started On Your Pilates Journey

pilates journey

Small Space Fitness: Cat Corchado

What is Pilates?

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the exercises in Pilates. I have been an instructor for over 15 years and it is harder than it looks!!

Pilates is a low-impact yet high-intensity workout that utilizes a variety of apparatuses to create muscle tension and deliver results. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century and was originally intended for physical rehabilitation.

What sets it apart is its effectiveness without subjecting the body to the stress and impact associated with high-intensity activities and is an achievable form of exercise suitable for all fitness levels.

“It highlights the benefits of improved flexibility, strength, and posture for participants of all fitness levels.”

Slow, Controlled Exercise:

Pilates is a “slow, controlled exercise.” It places a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection and breath work, making it both challenging and calming. It is a versatile and effective exercise method that can improve flexibility, strength, and posture without causing stress on your joints.

The ability to achieve a fit physique without the risk of injury is a significant appeal for many people. It highlights the benefits of improved flexibility, strength, and posture for participants of all fitness levels.

Different Types of Pilates:

It comes in various forms, but the two most common are Reformer and Mat. All Pilates is not the same because variations exist in teaching styles, emphasis on specific principles, and incorporation of equipment.

Different instructors may prioritize different aspects, such as rehabilitation, core strength, or flexibility, leading to diverse approaches within the broader method. Additionally, variations in routines, exercises, and modifications contribute to the uniqueness of each practice, tailored to individual needs and goals.

Mat or Reformer: How Do I Choose?

Both Reformer and Mat Pilates offer unique benefits, and you don’t have to choose between them. Many experts recommend doing both to complement your fitness routine. Pilates is the perfect compliment to all other activities – even Yoga! Pilates and Yoga are not mutually exclusive. They work very well together. Pilates makes your Yoga practice better and the vice versa!

“Pilates is the perfect compliment to all other activities – even Yoga!”

Beginner’s Guide To Pilates:

Pilates is accessible to everyone, including individuals with injuries, pregnant women, or those with limb differences. However, if you’re new to Pilates, it’s advisable to start with a private lesson to get the basics and the safety prior to jumping into a class. This personalized approach ensures that you’re performing exercises correctly and safely while reducing the risk of injury.

Pilates At Home:

If attending a studio is not within your budget, you can still enjoy Pilates at home. There are numerous free Mat Pilates workouts available on platforms like YouTube. The drawback is that you have no one monitoring your form and thus increase the risk of injury.

Pilates is a rewarding addition to your fitness routine. So, go ahead, embrace this Pilates journey and enjoy the physical and mental benefits it offers.

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About the Author:

Cat is a proud US Air Force veteran who has made it her mission to help women veterans transition from the military. She is a leader and speaker within the active duty and veteran community and her advocacy has helped her develop the Sisters-in-Service podcast- a platform for anyone affiliated with the military.

Cat is also the founder of the Small Space Pilates community. Cat feels privileged to work with midlife women to help them increase body awareness, mobility, stability and strength in a safe and fun environment. With over 39 ears in the fitness arena, her specialties include Personal Training, Pilates, Activated Isolated Stretching (AIS) and most recently her certification with CETI to work with cancer. Follow Cat’s Sisters In Service  on Instagram for more information.