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Fearless Pays Off

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I am beyond excited to be sharing with all you KUEL women today our latest collaboration with WS (Womanscape). Rose McInerney, Founder and CEO of  WS, has found the courage to say YES to what inspires and moves her and to disregard the rest. I am lucky enough to have been asked to be part of the journey.
WS’s mission, to build a better world through powerful storytelling, extends into the tangible. Not satisfied with the mere act of sharing stories, Rose put her snowshoes where her mouth is earlier this year; raising over $900k for programs and recovery treatments for Canadian military veterans and their families by walking 100 km (that’s a little over 62 miles for us non-metric types) in the Arctic. With a global perspective for her humanitarian eye, this Fall WS will provide aid to women and girls in rural China and other parts of the world.
The best part? We get to participate.
Rose has created a vehicle by which to share and inspire us all through narrative. While Rose has been selflessly curating inspirational articles, from history and today, for her Womanscape site for two years, yesterday she crossed the chasm of fear and birthed WS Magazine. WS Magazine is a place where artful storytelling shapes our shared journey, where we can harness the power of history, and become mapmakers of our own fearless destiny.
What else would this debut issue be named, but FEARLESS?
Don’t take my word for it. Whatever you do.
Dive into this rich tapestry of tales; from  the recent taking of Antarctica by Jenny Davis, to an admirable tribute to Rachel Carson, who tirelessly and fearlessly fought against the use of nonselective pesticides.  Enjoy a chat with Fiona Davis, national bestselling author of ‘The Dollhouse’ and ‘The Address’. Get the inside scoop on the breakaway NetFlix original, ‘Dead to Me’. She even includes a few recipes and shopping opportunities to round out her offering.
WS Magazine also makes room for the bravest women I know, entrepreneurs. In her debut publication you can take a sneak peak into the amazing adventure of Jodie Dawson and Kristine Ellis-Petrik of Java Love. Java Love, founded 2011 in the Catskills of New York, has now grown to a $1.5 million woman-owned business serving the greater Montclair NJ area. It’s a story of inspiration, perspiration, integrity, and COFFEE.  And, in not so humble a manner, there may be a little about me and Kuel Life.
It’s a beautiful walk-through of intoxicating images and fascinating women. I promise. Enjoy the July issue completely free. Remember how I told you we get to participate in Rose’s philanthropic WS Cares? The August issue will have a ‘small’ price tag of $10 and 20% is invested in WS Cares.

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