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Kay Newton December 2020 new

Connection Kuel Category Expert: Kay Newton

We all have habits, traditions and rituals, and we connect to them uniquely. Whether it’s a get out of bed routine, a celebratory wedding format or new moon observance, they shape our daily lives.

It seems strange to think that at some point in time, someone decided to create a practice which others copied. Over time our customs have warped and changed, taken on new meanings and protocols. As we move past Covid19, our ceremonies and conventions are also likely to change.

Below are a few examples of ways you can connect in the New Year.

Habits For 2021:

“new thought patterns and importances have emerged”

Habits are behaviours we often perform automatically without thinking. As habits become routine they require effort to change. Yet, the lockdown of 2020 saw habits broken overnight; going to work, meeting friends for drinks in the bar, a vacation abroad, for example.

Covid19 not only brought external physical changes, but it also changed mental processes. Anxiety, depression and loneliness began to take its toll worldwide, and new thought patterns and importances have emerged.

My hope is to bring some healthy habit priorities into the New Year. I offer six possibilities:

  1. Self-care, being Sensibly Selfish, putting yourself first. When your glass is full, you have the energy to serve others
  2. Become a human ‘be’ing, not a human doing – slow down, connect to nature and make space for the crucial things in your life
  3. Create self-respect by decluttering regularly, both mentally and physically
  4. Let go of what no longer serves you or the planet – Less is More
  5. Do things differently, do not be afraid of change, it is the only constant in the universe
  6. Get curious about your habits and change what no longer serves

Awareness is the key to habit changes. Investigate how and where your coffee is made, or tune into your intuitive relations with eating, exercise, and work. Habits are easy to change – just a matter of determination or an adjustment in circumstance.

Traditions For 2021:

Traditions are the transference of customs and beliefs from one generation to another. We have already seen that traditional cultural ceremonies such as weddings and funerals can change overnight. The move to online services during 2020 is a growing trend and set to continue in the coming years. As modern technology begins to take hold, we can imagine a space where we hold traditional ceremonies in a 3D world.

We have also seen disruptions in the way we buy goods, educate our children, and stay at home to work. Our traditions are adapting and moving quickly with the times. There will be no going back. No matter what age we are, we will need to be proactive in the years to come.

As we move online, we will no longer be constrained, by our physical footprint allowing us to adopt a more global mindset. New world traditions, will appear. We may no longer see success with a show of wealth but rather to our personal growth and development. In other words, a simpler lifestyle coupled with the understanding of fulfillment and happiness.

Rituals For 2021:

“as the technological revolution takes hold, grounding in rituals can keep us sane”

Rituals are a sequence of activities. These activities involve gestures, words, actions or objects. Usually, performed in a sacred place and dependent on the traditions of the community. As we move into uncertain times, as the technological revolution takes hold, grounding in rituals can keep us sane.

The hand-washing ritual became a necessity in 2020. For many, it had become a half-hearted practice only followed under duress. Now you can hear people chanting ‘Happy Birthday’ all around the world. (The song correlates with the length of time to wash your hands correctly). Over the year, we have turned ‘staying safe’ into a habit. We wash our hands, keep our distance, and use face masks to show we care about others.

For the privileged, who were able to stay at home during Covid19, new rituals have appeared. Connecting to nature and its natural rhythm and cycles have become popular once again. Compulsory lockdown, a prohibition to travel, soon makes you appreciate the nature on your doorstep.

The art of reflection or contemplation is also gaining interest. Rumination is different than the practice of meditation, yoga or Tai Chi. It is a thoughtful observation, a profound consideration of a topic. Reflection can reduce stress, increase attention and awareness as well as improved empathy and self-regulation. All skills are useful for the coming Aquarian age.

Kuel Rules

Whether you are connecting to new habits, different traditions, or pursuing unaccustomed rituals in 2021, remember the five S’s:

  1. Simplicity – complication causes frustration, keep it simple
  2. Support – align your values with the right community
  3. Spark – if it doesn’t ignite you in some way, move on
  4. Shift – the only constant is change
  5. Self – You are the only person you will share your whole life with, put yourself first

Why not share in the comments below, what habits, traditions or rituals you are going to do differently in 2021.

About the Author:

Kay is the founder of Midlife Strategies, an award-winning International Speaker, and enthusiastic author. She is an acknowledged expert guiding women to find their mojo, through the Midlife Squeeze.

Kay’s books include: 

Today, Kay lives a simple life next to a beach in Mallorca, Spain. You can find Kay here: www.KayNewton.com.