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When The Universe Hit The ‘Pause’ Button

global catastrophe

The world is up-ended. Uncertainty, fear, and anxiety abound. We are not in a personal or U.S. crisis; we are in a global catastrophe. There is not one human amongst us that is exempt from the current pandemic. Not one.

I am not sure this has ever happened before, at this magnitude. COVID19 is weird… it may or may not be symptomatic; it may or may not kill you. WTF? How should we behave? What is over-reacting? What is not enough?

How Can Anyone Be HAPPY At All Right Now?

At the risk of being stoned; I am. Sure, I am worried about the safety of my loved ones (including myself). Yes, I am concerned that our world economy is taking such a hit that it may be years before we recover. Of course, I have a bit of cabin fever and miss seeing my sister, my friends, geez – strangers, for that matter.

But, I still find myself ‘Happy’.

The Universe has gifted me a ‘PAUSE’. For the first time in my life, I truly feel not rushed. My list of activities are streamlined to:
1. Sleep in.
2. Work on Kuel Life.
3. Exercise.
4. Connect virtually with loved ones & friends.
5. Plan and make a healthy dinner for my family.

And, here’s what’s really weird… I am LIKING it. I am enjoying the slow, simple way of living.

My Realization:

What it has made me realize about myself is that I was running through my life at warp speed. I seemed to always have a full appointment and social calendar; a hectic travel schedule; a gajillion live entertainment opportunities; and a  life ‘errands’ ad nauseam list. I know I chose this way of living; no one mandated it.

For whatever reason, the way I have internalized my surroundings, placed me in a position of ‘doing more’. My FOMO (fear of missing out) owned me. I didn’t even know it; until the Universe hit the PAUSE button.

I am not missing out on anything. Everyone is caught in their own slow motion movie scene. In movies, the slow-motion special effect is awe-inspiring. Slow-motion, not only heightens the view of the action at hand; it enhances the impact of a given emotion.


I am not frantically looking ahead, or left, or right. And, I am ok with here and now. Without a doubt, I am way more aware of how good I feel with the gift of extra sleep. I am tuned into my body and permit it additional time to stretch post exercise (something I used to short change myself because ‘who has the time?’). I thoughtfully plan and prepare interesting, healthy meals; grateful that I have access to food.

Lessons From The Universe And The Global Catastrophe:

I’ve been taught lessons by the Universe before. The ‘It’s ok to ask for help’ lesson was a doozy to learn. I had to have my right foot break from being run over by a car, AFTER tearing my left calf muscle in martial arts to HEAR the Universe. But hear, I did. As I literally had no legs to stand on.

This time, I am all ears. I also get plenty of practice time. They say it takes about two months to create a new habit. And, a new habit is what I’m after.

A habit that includes a more thoughtful way of showing up in the world. A new habit that allows me to pause before saying ‘yes’. A new habit of being intentional with how and on what I spend my precious time.

For this; ‘I thank you Universe’. I am choosing to see the gift in all of this. Yes, of course fear and uncertainty swell within me; but I choose to take a big deep breath in downward dog, a nap, or eat a dark green leafy vegetable in its stead.

For Additional Encouragement:

I am honored to be included in Robin LaMonte’s post: Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Where she also highlights several other women who have written uplifting pieces for this difficult time.

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8 thoughts on “When The Universe Hit The ‘Pause’ Button

  1. jess jannenga says:

    I have a similar “schedule” I set for myself. I am continuing my fashion blog as i enjoy it, my readers are thankful ( ones that I heard from) and it brings some joy. I make sure I talk to my siblings and call my mom regularly as she is alone in another state. Been taking walks outside on nice days, using home gym on others, and I enjoy my sleep. I like your outlook too- keeping positive helps your mindset!
    jess xx

    • KUEL LIFE says:

      Thanks Jess… I take it one day at a time. I know I will have moments where it’s not so rosy but it’s good to hear your outlook. It reassures me that even in those bad moments, I will once again have a positive mindset!

  2. Anne M Bray says:

    Should I feel bad that I’m allowed to be on an “artist’s retreat” albeit in my own home? Heck, no!
    Am I a “look on the sunny side’ gal? I guess the answer is yes.

    Some things I’m doing to avoid stress:
    No TV news. I peruse the LA Times headlines, that’s enough.
    Using “Social Fixer” on Facebook to block any posts with the topic of politics and /or titled “Trump” (it blocks ads too!)
    Walks or standing outside at least once a day.
    Embroidering project.

  3. Lori says:

    Beautifully written, Jack! I feel as if you pulled thoughts directly out of my head! Yes, I sometimes feel the stress and strain, but overall, I feel at peace with this slower, quieter, more thoughtful world. My meditation practice has blossomed, my exercise is consistent, and I am cooking and eating healthy meals. I notice the birds singing, I stop to smell the flowers on my walks.

    The world is a scary place right now, yet it remains an amazing force.

    • KUEL LIFE says:

      So funny that you mention noticing the birds… I had that thought just yesterday. I wondered to myself how in the heck did I NOT hear them before. Oh, I know… because I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Thank you for your kind words.

    • KUEL LIFE says:

      Well, if my perspective helps in any way, I’ll consider myself a success. We are all in this together. xoxo

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