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Lancome’s New Chapter – Welcome Back Isabella!

Isabella Lancome KUEL

Isabella Rossellini was fired from Lancôme at 43 for being ‘too old to represent the brand.’ She was told that women wanted ‘aspirational’ visual representations of other women; not real ones.

Fast forward 20 years and one woman General Manager, Françoise Lehmann, later and Isabella has returned as the face of Lancôme Parfums & Beauté & Cie S.A..  Finally, this year, at 65, the actress will appear in ads for the brand’s Rénergie Multi-Glow range.

Cheers to Lancome to admit their mistake. Cheers to them to actually listen to their customers; whom apparently have not gotten over losing Rossellini as the face of Lancome. Lancome’s market research proved their original premise false. Isabella’s name kept popping up – even 20 years after the fact.

Welcome Back Isabella!!

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