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Spring 2022 Shoe Trends For Mature Women

Lisa Schmitz March 2022

Shoe Fashion Thought Leader: Lisa Loyet Schmitz

I’ve reached a point in my life that I look at some shoe trends in fashion magazines and just simply roll with laughter imagining how these women might look trying to walk in them!

But, that being said, my fashionista side still overpowers my practical side when it comes to wanting to look and feel young (for a woman in her mid-fifties)! 

Shoe Fashion Trends:

Admittedly, we can all think of things that we used to wear that we would never wear now. But when it comes to shoes, it’s about practicality most of the time. So, what do we have to look forward to for Spring 2022? I mean, besides sunshine, picnics and hopefully no masks.

“We think you’ll appreciate suggestions on the styles you’ll actually enjoy wearing.”

Ready to embrace everything that comes with warm weather? You’ll want to know what shoes to have in your closet this coming season. And while our list isn’t going to be the same as the one you’ll find in the latest issue of Cosmo, we think you’ll appreciate suggestions on the styles you’ll actually enjoy wearing. And still look and feel like a million bucks!

Chunky Soled Sandal Shoes:

Not only is this type of sandal trending, it is comfortable. Sometimes referred to as a “flat-form,” this summer staple item provides a little bit of lift without straining your feet.

The Huntley, coming soon from Walking Cradles, sandal has three completely adjustable hook and loop straps. Along with leather-lined molded footbed that includes enhanced arch support, an ergonomic heel cup, and a lightweight EVA sole. Dressed up or worn casually, this type of sandal will take you throughout your entire summer in complete comfort! Tip about white bottom shoes: a Magic Eraser is all you need to keep these bright white!

“Tip about white bottom shoes: a Magic Eraser is all you need to keep these bright white!”

What to look for and avoid in a chunky soled sandal:  Stability in the straps/uppers. Adjustable straps. Since your foot is elevated, you will want to make sure your forefoot and your ankle are held in place adequately. Avoid fabric ties around the ankles. They look lovely, but could result in sprained ankles. Skinny straps will often cause rubbing and blisters.

Retro Inspired Sneakers:

Sneakers that you can walk for miles in, that are also cute! They do exist, and this season, a trend to those that many of us wore in high school are back! If you have orthotics, having a removable insole is very important.

The insole of this Destin sneaker is the Walking Cradles signature Tiny Pillows Metro Plus which enhances arch support. It has an ergonomic heel cup, a reinforced heel pad for impact resistance and dual density non-compacting foam (far better and more durable than memory foam). The Destin has a couple of companion styles, as well. The Dylan and the Decker – all great options for being sporty, sassy and sublimely comfortable!

“If your shoe is too long, you’ll push forward in it while walking. This may create slippage on your heel, which could cause blisters.”

What to look for and avoid in a walking sneaker: Support! Make sure you have wiggle room in your toes. But not so there is more than 1/2 inch at the end of your shoes. If your shoe is too long, you’ll push forward in it while walking. This may create slippage on your heel, which could cause blisters.

Also make sure that there is just a bit of elevation in the heel. This helps us avoid problems like Plantar Fasciitis. Or if you already have it, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a bit of heel elevation and good cushioning. Finally, a good insole will be your best friend!

Platform Dressy Sandals:

Have you thrown in the towel on wearing heels? You may not need to! We all painfully remember shoes that look beautiful but feel terrible. We used to wear them and wince. However, if you still love the look of a pretty platform, you can experience the feel of comfort at the same time.

Nope, not kidding! This Porsha platform sandal is getting rave reviews for being comfortable all day/night long. It isn’t an accident! The female designer of this shoe took looks and comfort into consideration when developing and wear-testing this sexy beauty!

The 3” heel is offset by a ½” platform, allowing the pitch of your foot to the equivalent of only wearing a 2 ½” heel! In addition, the footbeds in the Porsha are plush and soft, which allows the necessary cushioning on your heels and balls of your feet whether standing, walking or dancing! 

“Make sure there is some cushioning in the insole, too, or your dogs will be barking before you get to your car!”

What to look for and avoid with platform sandals:  If the heel is high, the platform needs to offset it so you aren’t walking with a pitch higher than 3”. This allows for adequate vamp coverage. Skinny straps may look lovely while you are sitting down, they are darn near impossible to walk in with a platform. Make sure there is some cushioning in the insole, too, or your dogs will be barking before you get to your car!

Metallic Casual Sandals:

Footbed sandals have always been a summer favorite, and trending this summer is a style punch with metallic uppers! Consider metallic sandals a neutral that can be worn with so many types of outfits – jeans, shorts and dresses.

This Phoebe sandal (coming soon) is part of the Comfort Cradle collection. Constructed as a footbed sandal, the surprise comfort feature is the built-in Tiny Pillows, which Walking Cradles fans love for their moisture-wicking micro-fiber sueded sock, shock absorption, and stability. The thong styling is a summer favorite, and the metallic leather uppers with an oversized buckle are right on-trend!

What to look for and avoid with footbed sandals:  Generally speaking, footbed sandals are good choices for your feet. They cradle the foot and most styles have enough elevation in the heel to deal or hopefully prevent pesky Plantar Fasciitis. Footbed sandals that are made with some cushioning are going to provide more comfort than those that just have a solid molded bottom.


The timeless loafer never really goes out of style, but this year it is very much in style! Many loafers can be heavy and stiff, but not this Winnie-2! Right out of the box comfortable, this classic penny loafer will feel amazing on your feet!

“Loafers should fit snug so your foot isn’t shifting around in them, which will cause blisters.”

Made in the lovely colors of vanilla, almond, and luggage soft leather, with dual coring on the vamp, this staple-item shoe will look great with many outfits! A thicker lug sole is on-trend, but this one is made of lightweight flexible EVA. The stacked 1” heel is a perfect height for walking all day. 

What to look for and avoid with loafers:  The all over leather loafer can sometimes start off being quite stiff, and oftentimes heavy, too. If you have the patience to wear them long enough to soften them up, then go for it. But make sure they fit properly. Loafers should fit snug so your foot isn’t shifting around in them, which will cause blisters.

Strappy City Sandals:

For the fashionable gal who wants a lovely strappy sandal, but wants a lower heel, a classic city sandal is the perfect choice! City sandals are named for their lower heel height and broader heel width, allowing the wearer to walk around town without the fear of her heel getting stuck in a grate, sidewalk crack, or tripping while stepping off a curb or catching a cab!

The Walking Cradles Lettie sandal (coming soon) has lovely asymmetrical straps with an adjustable ankle strap. Strategically placed, these straps keep your toes where they should be while your steps just keep adding up! The heel on the Lettie has a nice slim side silhouette, but is broader across the width, allowing that stability you want while walking on multiple surfaces.

“Once you wear shoes that fit properly and feel great, you’ll appreciate how much better you feel (and look) as a whole!”

What to look for and avoid in city sandals:  A city sandal will not have a stiletto or kitten heel as these small base heels easily sink into the ground and get stuck in cracks, grates, etc. You’ll want to try them on and walk around a carpeted surface for a while before purchasing, because while city sandals oftentimes are very strappy, you’ll want to make sure the straps are positioned so they aren’t rubbing anywhere and your little toe isn’t popping out the side.

Shoe Fashion To Look More Stylish:

Regardless of your personal style, Spring/Summer 2022 has something for you! Getting out of the house and out of our slippers is something we’ve all been eagerly awaiting! Don’t think you have to return to wearing uncomfortable shoes to look stylish, though.

Most importantly, the best thing you can do for your feet is wear the proper size and width. If you are unsure of your size and/or didn’t know width was a thing (it is a very important thing), visit a full-service shoe store and ask a trained professional to measure your feet. Once you wear shoes that fit properly and feel great., you’ll appreciate how much better you feel (and look) as a whole!

Now get out there and put your best foot forward for a lovely Spring and Summer!

Disclosure:  All shoes in this article are made by Walking Cradles, where Lisa is the Director of Marketing and Creative Development. These shoes can be found on Walking Cradles website, and other online stores, as well as shoe stores around the country. Use KUEL15 for your special 15% discount from Kuel Life.

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About the Author:

Lisa Schmitz is the Creative Director for Walking Cradles shoes – a women’s shoe company whose mission is to hit the perfect combo of fit, comfort and style for a wide range of women’s shoe sizes. Working in this women driven company, Lisa is able to combine her years of experience with marketing, advertising, graphic design and shoe modeling. Working closely with the shoe designer, Jamie Wells, Lisa is involved in many aspects of the research, development, fit-testing and marketing of the shoes. Lisa is honored to have been selected as a shoe-expert with Kuel Life and to have Walking Cradles shoes available for purchase in the Kuel Shop.