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Wellness Wednesday Kuel Life Breath Series: Part Twelve

Nancy Cande Tribandha December 2021

Mindful Breathing Category Expert: Nancy Candea

Today we present Part One of the Tribandha Breath in our Wellness Wednesday Mindful Breathing Series. Nancy Candea walks us through it in this video.

Nancy’s series, on breathing techniques, is only on Kuel Life. Breathing is a Mindfulness practice and promotes Health! We hope you enjoy this series of simple and effective breathing exercises. Download your quick guide on ways to improve your breath work. If you want access to the whole series, here there are.

“Use this breath when you need to let go of a negative situation or get negative energy out of your body..”

Tribandha Breath Part One #11:

This is the most complicated breath I teach in the Kuel Life Breathwork Series so far. It is a very old practice. Bandha is a Sanskrit word that means “lock.” I prefer to think about it as gathering – gathering up muscle groups to work together. In this practice, we are gathering up little muscles close to the spine as we hold our breath. It is very powerful!

To explain a bit further, in case this is new to you. These locks are used to hold or direct the energy towards inner higher growth. These Bandhas are special postures that are adapted to conserve and make use of the cosmic reserves of Prana generated by Advanced Breathing exercises. There are three classic bandhas; Mula, Uddyana, and Jalandhara bandha. When practiced together they are called tri-bandha.

Reach out, let us know if this Tribandha Breath helps you relieve some of life’s stresses! And, if you have any particular issues you’d like our Mindful Breathing Expert to address, let us know in the comments.

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Nancy Candea

About the Author:

An activist in the global health revolution, Nancy is committed to practicing the best version of herself every day, and to using her talents to contribute to the upliftment of humankind. Nancy teaches the therapeutic techniques from yoga – like breath work – to help her clients with recovery from addiction, trauma, and chronic pain. You can find out more about Nancy at NancyCandea.com or Nancy Candea on Facebook and Instagram