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20 Fashion Rules, Are They Fact, Faux Pas Or Fallacy?

Fashion Rules: Fact Faux Pas or Fallacy?

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

I regularly get asked questions about fashion rules based on long-held beliefs about style and seasonality.

Fear Of Making A Fashion Mistake:

These falsehoods can make women afraid to express their personal style for fear of making a fashion mistake. Let’s address some that may trip you up and free you to explore new style possibilities.

“Natural fabrics are great, but can be unaffordable or not well suited for a particular garment.”

1.”Suede is only for winter” – FALLACY.

While suede pants and jackets are only for Fall & Winter, shoes, shorts and short skirts have made their way into all the seasons. The same goes for leather garments. If the garment fits the season, leather or suede will usually work. While we are on this topic, let’s discuss “vegan” leathers.

Some of my clients have negative feelings about wearing a “fake” or man-made fabric. Natural fabrics are great, but can be unaffordable or not well suited for a particular garment. Some of today’s faux leathers are hard to tell from the real thing, so don’t put them all in the same bucket.

Many high-end retailers and designers are producing and selling garments from man-made materials that are luxurious and practical. Care for man-made leathers is usually easier than for real leather and suede, as many can be machine laundered.

The Appropriateness Of White:

2. “White pants should not be worn after Labor Day” – FALLACY.

Labor Day does mark the unofficial end of summer for most of us here in the US, but the arrival of autumn doesn’t mean that all of our white slacks must be put away until spring. The appropriateness of white after Labor Day depends on climate, event, and fabric. If you live in FL, you may wear white jeans all year, as the warmer temps make this choice feel suitable. For those in cooler climates, white leather or wool pants will work in the winter.

3. “Linen is fine all year long” – FAUX PAS.

Once fall arrives, we will want to put away our linen pieces in all shades unless you are in a warm climate. Linen says summer and warm weather like few other fabrics do.

4. “Tall boots must meet your hemline”– FALLACY.

Depending on your height and shape, a skirt that hits right above the knee can look great with a tall boot that hits right below the knee. A just-to-the-knee skirt can also look great with a tall bootie. Avoid a midi-length skirt with a tall booties unless you are tall and slim, as it doesn’t allow enough leg to show, nor do you get the seamless line of a tall boot.

“Mixing and matching jewelry is very popular and shows skill in styling a look.”

Is It Okay To Go Bare-Legged?

5. “Hosiery is out of style” – FALLACY.

Suntan nude pantyhose are out, but tights and trouser socks are having a moment in the new fashion rules. Also, when needed, super sheer, skin-matching hosiery is always an option when you don’t want to go bare-legged. So, is it okay to go bare-legged? It depends on your climate, the event, and the outfit.

If a dress or skirt reveals a lot of leg, and the temps are cool, opt for sheer pantyhose or nude fishnet tights to assure your legs do not stand out in a distracting way. Tonal tights are very on-trend right now, and can be a sleek option for column dressing. Trouser socks have waged a comeback, along with sheer crew-length socks. Both are great with loafers, Mary Jane styles, and boots.

6. “All jewelry should be part of a set”– FAUX PAS.

Jewelry trios are out. Choose no more than two pieces from a collection to wear at a time to keep your look from looking tired and dated. Mixing and matching jewelry is very popular and shows skill in styling a look.

7. “We should all be wearing molded foam bras for support” –  FALLACY.

Unlined options can provide lift. The key is a thick band that fits snugly and seaming in the cup. I have found that this style cut down on spillage out of the top of the molded cup models.

Fashion Rules Have Us Keep Our Undergarments, Under:

8. “It’s okay if my bra shows through a sheer top” – FAUX PAS.

No one wants to see all of your parts through a sheer blouse unless you are on a sexy date night. It takes away from the beauty of the garment. Some blouses have a double layer in front and a sheer panel in the back, and work without a camisole. I prefer a lightly shaping camisole to also cut down on skin jiggling and moving the blouse in a distracting way. These camis also works well for thinner sweaters where you may have bumps related to your bra.

9. “Never wear shoes lighter than your hemline” -– FALLACY.

A pop of color on the foot can make an outfit. However, choose the color wisely. Tie it back to something in the top half of the look or other accessories for a pulled-together look. White or cream shoes with a black hemline still do not work well, but a deep camel can work with most solids and prints. To visually lengthen the leg, a camel or deep nude shoe is a great option for wearing with most dresses.

“Sequins are everywhere in fashion and can make for a very on-trend casual look.”

10. “Sequins can be worn morning, noon, & night” – FACT.

Sequins are everywhere in fashion and can make for a very on-trend casual look. Moreover, a sequin tee shirt with jeans or a sequin skirt with a graphic tee and sneakers is a hip and fun way to wear sequins. This is a great fashion rule for the season.

Richer Shades For Fall And Winter:

11.”Women should always choose v-neck tops” – FALLACY.

Crew necks can work for most women, but if you don’t usually look good in them, try layering with a collared shirt to change the circular look of the neckline, or add a necklace that gives a linear effect. Necks are great for making one look taller and often slimmer, but that doesn’t mean crew necks are necessarily off-limits.

12. “Patent Leather is only for summer”– FALLACY.

Like suede, patent is being worn all year long. Choose richer shades for fall and winter, and patent will work.

13. “It’s fine if my bra straps show” – FAUX PAS.

Just no. A bra strap showing will ruin the look of an outfit. That’s enough said on this one.

“14. Wearing underwear the color of your garment is best” – FALLACY.

Nude is usually the best choice. It works with any garment color and assures no show-through. For fun, matching your outfit works as long as the color does not show through your pants or blouse.

Brown For Everyone:

15. “Brown is boring” – FALLACY.

Also, brown is having a huge moment this season. It can be sublime when worn well. Look for rich color and interesting textures and fabrics for a sophisticated look. Brown can work like black in your wardrobe, and will be more flattering for those with softer coloring.

For shoes, wear a brown croc print or brown suede boots to be on trend. This season’s browns include both warm and cool shades of the color, so there is a brown for everyone. If you have warm coloring, camel, caramel, and rust are great shades to wear. For cooler tones, choose deep cocoa or a mauve-tinged brown.

16. “Unseamed leggings are fine for wearing as pants” – FAUX PAS.

Leggings are taking a back seat to trousers and slacks this season, but some ladies aren’t giving them up so easily. If you want to wear them, choose a style with seaming, preferably a pin-tuck, and a thick enough fabric to smooth bumps and not show all your parts. Pairing a true legging pant with a tunic sweater and riding boots can be a classy look.

“Wider legs are trending right now and are flattering for most all shapes.”

17. “Jeans are for every age” – FACT.

In addition, jeans are a fashion staple that will never go away. Looking great in jeans requires choosing the correct cut, size, and color. Wider legs are trending right now and are flattering for most all shapes.

It’s all about how wide and where the flare begins. Fashion rules let us know most women look best in a pant that flares from the hip with snug waist and tush area, or in a slightly bootcut shape. A straight line from the hip can also work, but stove pipe shapes can be boxy and add visual weight. Medium to deep indigo shades and saturated colors are trending for denim and corduroy.

18. “Floral prints look geriatric” – FALLACY.

Floral prints get a bad wrap. Yes, there are some really awful florals out there, but there are beautiful options that can add a lot to a look. Tiny florals can look juvenile or dated, and big roses across your body doesn’t flatter many people.

Look for florals with a soft contrast in the pattern if your coloring is soft, but choose a high contrast if your coloring is bright. The print should be in proportion to your size and features. For a modern look, look for a pattern with a less common flower or leaf instead of a rose, or forego the floral for a geometric print.

Fashion Rules Made Easy:

“19. Sports bras are great for most outfits” – FAUX PAS.

The wrong bra is one of the biggest fashion faux pas. Sports bras are for exercising, not for daily wear. Athletic bras can give you a uni-boob and few provide the lift and support you need to keep the girls where they go. When purchasing one for exercising, choose an option that gives good support, provides lift and separates the breasts to eliminate the uni-boob look and reduce sweat in your cleavage. Getting those boobs off of your tummy will also make you look slimmer.

20. “No one looks great in every color” – FACT.

Knowing the color chromas, temperature, and depths that look best on you is the key to always looking great. This will also help you to create a cohesive closet of pieces that work well together. Harmony in your look brings a sophistication that many may not be able to put their finger on, but they will notice how great you look.

I hope this helps dispel beliefs that may keep you from finding your best looks. And gives you some insights into the latest fashion rules. Fashion and style are always changing, so don’t cling to old ways of dressing. Embrace your personal style and explore new ways to express yourself.

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
As a 28 year veteran in the beauty industry, she is passionate about helping women to look their best and to express themselves in their outward appearance. She is also co-host of the Midlife Moxie podcast, available on all major platforms. Find Gail on IG: @gailsscott Email: [email protected] Or through www.yourcolorstyle.com Take the FREE style quiz at Personal Style Quiz.