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3 Questions To Ask Yourself For A Clear Path In Your Second Act

Nancy Candea Images September 2022

Mindful Breathing Thought Leader: Nancy Candea

How do we decide our focus in the second half of life?

“I am so grateful that I took the time to reframe my life and clarify what is essential.”

Clear Path For Your Second Act:

It needs to be unlike any other time of our life. I know this because I have personally had to deal with it myself. In my mid-forties, I had to deal with chronic inflammation, digestive issues, the end of my second marriage, raising two teen daughters, and moving to a different state to get a fresh start.

For many of my clients and me, it meant learning new skills to take care of a body that was an integral component of my career and making a conscious decision to live from a place of self-acceptance and clarity on what was important to me.

I am so grateful that I took the time to reframe my life and clarify what is essential. At 61, I love the direction of my life, and I feel fantastic. Of course, physical and emotional challenges aren’t going to go away. But what I want to accomplish in the second half of my life is deeper than just goals.

Compassionate Confident Human Being:

I finally have the ability to 100% express my full capacity as a compassionate confident human being. I can live in a place of emotional intelligence, lead/mentor/parent with boundaries and unconditional love, and be vulnerable without questioning my self-worth.

“Navigating getting older is a lot easier with the right support!”

Navigating getting older is a lot easier with the right support! I’ve proved to myself, over and over, that the support of other women is essential for my health and happiness. And I love supporting other women.

Fifteen years as a yoga therapist who specializes in trauma, addiction, and chronic pain has given me a lot of opportunities to help women, in their second act, who are on incredible journeys of healing and thriving. 

3 Questions To Help You Get Second Act Clarity:

  1. What is your most important value?
  2. What gets in the way of you living out the value?
  3. Who and where is the community that supports you on your clear path? 

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Nancy Candea

About the Author:

Nancy Candea is a life coach and yoga therapist who helps women make peace with their past, find self-acceptance, and step wholeheartedly into their purpose. Nancy, who specializes in yoga therapy for trauma, addiction, and chronic pain, has led trainings and retreats in Greece, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, upcountry Hawaii, Detroit, and Newark.  She created 2017’s social justice summit on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. She has brought her personal trainings to the Boulder Women’s Shelter and to seven-figure households. Nancy’s articles have been featured in Elephant Journal and Purpose Fairy. Check out her freebies at NancyCandea.com.