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7 Steps A Good Stylist Will Take With You

Gail Scott January 2023

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

Have you ever watched a commercial and not understood how it tied into the advertised product?

Would you feel comfortable if your doctor walked in dressed like a chef?

When walking by a mirror, do you recognize the person looking back at you?

Let’s Talk About Your Style:

Today, we are talking about style. YOUR STYLE. And I want to challenge you to find and rock your personal style in the new year.

“As women, we often settle for looks and pieces that don’t bring us joy.”

[Note: Before we get into our content, I want to stop and recognize that there are many in the world with little to no clothing, and that who we are on the inside is what really matters. In this article we are talking about choosing the right items when we have choice and having our outside reflect our inside.]

In my styling business, I often work with women who do not feel that their clothing reflects who they are. They don’t feel confident or happy in their clothes. I find that even women with money to spend on clothing and are trying to look their best often end up with things going all wrong.

Understand Yourself:

First off, I want to say that you do not have to spend a lot of money to look good and to have a style that reflects who you are. It’s all about understanding yourself, your coloring, and your body shape and learning to shop with those in mind. As women, we often settle for looks and pieces that don’t bring us joy.

We purchase items that “almost” work for us. We wear what others tell us to wear. And, worst of all, we hang on to stories about who we are and how we look. Perhaps you grew up being called chubby, or in my case, “Frizz” due to my hair. These labels and stories can result in us “hiding” in our clothes, or dialing it down so as not to be noticed.

Maybe you were never encouraged to express yourself and aren’t even sure what that looks like. You deserve to look and feel your best, regardless of your size, history, or current situation.

If the above resonates with you, let’s change it!

What if you made 2023 the year that you look how you feel? 

“The good news is that we can learn to dress ourselves well, and that help is available.”

That your outside begins to match your inside? 

That you feel confident and happy in your clothing and overall look? 

That you become a walking billboard for who you really are?

Style Impact:

Your style not only impacts your attitude, it can also affect the impression that you make on others. Like it or not, our style and presentation can lead others to perceive us as successful, accomplished, or qualified.

If you are in business, it can impact whether or not you get chosen for a job or a position. That sounds harsh, but it’s the playing field we have. And, in the world of Zoom calls, where people do not get a chance to take in our body language, that 12×12 square becomes really important. Dressing yourself in a style that matches who you claim to be can go a long way. Remember the doctor question above?

For some people, style comes naturally. They were just born with a sense of how they want to look and how to make it happen. For the rest of us, it can feel like work. The good news is that we can learn to dress ourselves well, and that help is available.

Save Lots Of Money:

We often think of stylists as being for the elite and celebrities, but that isn’t true. We consult professionals for our hair and nails, why not for our wardrobe? It’s not as expensive as you would imagine; using a stylist can actually save you a lot of money.

Stylists may also teach you how to shop and how you can get the look you desire. Of course, shopping services are also available if shopping isn’t your jam. And if putting outfits together is problematic for you, a stylist can do that for you and even give you storyboards of the looks! Keep in mind that a good stylist doesn’t give you their style, they help you to find yours!

Now for the good stuff! Here is a little peek of what your style journey might look like. These are steps that stylists and image consultants use to help you get your look: 

“Many women struggle to describe what they want.”

7 Steps A Good Stylist Will Follow:

They will:

1.) Take the time to know who you are and how to describe your style.

This exercise might include looking through pictures to find looks that resonate with you and creating a list of descriptive words that reveal how you want to look and feel in your clothes. Many women struggle to describe what they want.

2.) Know your coloring and body shape, key elements to getting the right pieces and the proper fit.

3.) Edit your closet.

They will help you start to weed out items that don’t fit, are worn, or do not fit within the description you have created above. A cluttered and disorganized closet is not conducive to dressing well each day. Determine what pieces you need to have a cohesive wardrobe. And find great homes for pieces you are parting with. Consider donating to a women’s shelter or take to a consignment store. 

4.) Create your shopping list and guidelines.

Using a color typing system that provides swatches or cards can be really helpful with the color choices (check out www.yourcolorstyle.com). Know what garments work for your body shape. Determine where you will going in your clothes and the activities they need to be suitable for (are you an at home mom, a professional, a traveler?) Style is not about being fancy, one can be stylish in a jogging suit, so just because you aren’t walking runways or working in the C-suite doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great style. 

5.) Find retailers that work with your needs and wants. 

6.) Teach you the keys to successful online shopping. 

7.) Help you be on trend, if that’s your thing.

If you like being on trend, study the Pantone colors and fashion shows for fall and spring. Edit and add pieces as needed each season. You should also evaluate your closet when you experience major life changes or weight gain or loss.

Imagine how easy it will be to get dressed in the morning when you walk into a closet filled with garments that work for you and work together? A well curated wardrobe (along with makeup and accessories) can save you time, reduce stress, and help you to walk out the door more confidently. How would that feel?

Here’s to a stylish and confident 2023!

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail is the Beauty & Fashion Editor for www.yourcolorstyle.com.
As a 28 year veteran in the beauty industry, she is passionate about helping women to look their best and to express themselves in their outward appearance. She is also co-host of the Midlife Moxie podcast, available on all major platforms. Find Gail on IG: @gailsscott
Email: [email protected] Or through www.yourcolorstyle.com