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Beautiful – Inside And Out: Meet Sheryl Wilson

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Sheryl is a rare bird in today’s world.

In a world which pushes us to keep looking for the next thing, Sheryl shows us that if you’ve found your place there is no need to go chasing other stuff. She has enjoyed a 41-year relationship with her employer, Clientele. They must be doing something right.

You know immediately when you meet Sheryl (even just virtually) that her true mission is to help and support us humans age in a healthy, youthful manner. We, at Kuel Life, are thrilled and proud to have her join the roster of Kuel Life Category Thought Leaders. Sheryl writes on the subject of beauty, of course… encouraging us to remain beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside.

Meet Sheryl Wilson.

KUELLIFE: What type of business do you run/work for?

Sheryl: I am the National Beauty Expert for Clientele Beauty and MDR Health.

KUELLIFE:  What prompted you or drove you to join your company – what keeps you there?

“My brand creates very dramatic results in the first application!”

Sheryl: Oh that’s easy! I have a deep love for helping others to feel and look great!!! I am an Esthetician and someone who has always been interested in health and healthy recommendations for my family, friends and anyone and everyone who needs assistance in that arena.

Looking back, I would have absolutely been a Dermatologist and Holistic Doctor, what is called an Integrative Medicine Doctor, because I am always coming up with natural ways to help and supplementation is absolutely KEY to great health, which reflects in your skin, hair, nails, youthful appearance, stamina, memory and immune health!

Another thing that keeps me there? My brand creates very dramatic results in the first application! I am an immediate gratification girl!!!

Getting The Message Out:

KUELLIFE: Whats your biggest struggle?

Sheryl: Getting the message out about internal and external health to as many people as possible! I don’t want this hidden gem to be hidden anymore! I want everyone, women and men any age, to benefit from the research my company has done to stay youthful inside and out, so that we can enjoy vibrancy into our golden years! If you want optimum results, you absolutely have no choice, but to internalize your care. Food, even the best of nutrition cannot do it all! It has to be supplemented.

KUELLIFE: What is your biggest fear about your career? How do you work through it?

Sheryl: I’m not sure I have a fear about my career. I was blessed to be able to go back to the beauty business, after a long absence, because I truly get such pleasure, when our clients say, “Am I crazy, am I really seeing a difference in just one day”?  I have heard this time and time again and it just confirms and confirms again, what a truly phenomenal career I have! To hear our clients happy and their results achieved quickly, absolutely makes me ecstatic! That’s why I do this everyday!!!

KUELLIFE: How do you measure your success?

“Very happy clients make me happy!”

Sheryl: Helping people!!! Very happy clients make me happy!!! Then a joyful fulfilled life!!! All the positive response I get. All the people who want to be involved with my business who are asking to be Brand Ambassadors and Influencers. The generations of users of our brand from grandmother to mother to daughter to sons. Loving what they are using so much, that they want everyone to use it too!

Listen To Your Dreams:

KUELLIFE: Finally, what career advice would you give other women in midlife and beyond?

“If it’s stirring in you, DO IT!”

Sheryl: Midlife is one of the greatest parts of life ever!  It is when you truly have arrived into your own body!!! Many years of successes, experiences, risks, journeys, adventures, trials, tribulations, joy; all mixed up into one person…YOU.

Remember that business you have always wanted to start and no one else has done it yet or they have, but you know you could improve on it and make it even better? What are you waiting for? What signal do you need? Well for me, I do like to hear from God, before I make a major decision. Everyone has their own process!

Don’t Be Swayed:

The one thing I will highly highly suggest is tell no one what your plan is, unless that person is partnering with you, a professional who you require help from or your spouse or a parent (someone you truly trust to champion you,) because everyone and I mean everyone has an opinion and you can easily be swayed from your dream, from your passion.

If it’s stirring in you, DO IT! Mid-life is the time you can change things up, grow and evolve in order to live the rest of your life as your best life!!! Don’t put just your toe in the water, put your whole foot in, especially if the opportunity is right in front of you!!!  Blessings!!!

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Sheryl Wilson
About the Author:
Sheryl is the National Beauty Expert, Director of Education and Spokesperson for Clientele Skin Care and MDR Health Supplements. She has enjoyed a 41-year relationship with Clientele and is so proud to share the science behind youthifying the skin from the inside out, at any age!  Clientele Skin Care and MDR Health (its sister company) is Woman Founded by Patricia Riley Creator and CEO. Dr. Riley is a Biochemist with her background In Nutrition. Sheryl is also a newlywed of almost three years to a “gift from God” Husband, has 3 fabulous felines and is also a Praise and Worship Leader, Concert Performer and Recording Artist! A professional in-depth skin care and supplement consultation with an expert is KEY to target the best possible program, personalized just for you. Let’s talk! Sheryl Wilson. 800 327-4660, EXT 5709 or [email protected].

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