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Becoming Who We Are Meant To Be

Charisse Glenn May 2020 2

The Let Go – Personal Musings: Charisse Glenn

Every minute of every day, we are aging. It’s inevitable. While many embrace the process, others resist.

To become who we are meant to be, we must let go of who we once were.

Consider a rose. Imagine if the bud were its full expression. If we look at the bud as a final state of being, we will never experience the radiance of a full-bloom, the intricacies of the petals as they unfold, the nectar they provide, and the fragrance that enriches our senses.

“Do we judge a rose to be less than perfect in each of these stages?”

For generations, society has fed us, limiting narratives about aging, and we eat it up. We buy the creams, the supplements, and procedures with glee. And while that may help us to feel proactive, slowing the process of aging is just an illusion.

“Let go of the delusion that youth holds more value than age”

To become who we are meant to be means to let go of the delusion that youth holds more value than age. Hiding behind the denial of aging is the root of the issue.

To age is a privilege denied to many, yet our youth-centric society has diminished the value once bestowed upon elders.
Acknowledging what prevents us from owning our years is essential to our growth. We each carry beliefs that challenge our self-esteem and self-worth. These beliefs were taught to us by society, media, family, and peers. The good news is what has been learned can be unlearned.

When I let my hair go grey, despite the cautions from my friends that I would look old, I let go of the burden I hadn’t known I was carrying. Doing so freed me and permitted me to speak my truth.

I am not advocating all women to go grey; it is a personal choice. Yet, for me, it was a gateway to my authenticity. Evidence of my aging was a badge that said I could be and do as I wished, and I no longer sought society’s approval.

“To shed the beliefs around aging, start with the desire to be more.”

To shed the beliefs around aging, start with the desire to be more. You may feel an inner restlessness or stirring; these are signs your soul is asking to be heard. Take the journey inside and confront those shadows that taunt you to hide. Explore your fears. Shedding light onto them is the first step to your transformation.

On Becoming Ageless:

My vision has improved. I now see qualities like kindness, gratitude, empathy, and compassion more than I see physical traits. I can see without judgment, but rather with tolerance and understanding.

My sense of hearing has been heightened. I hear the positive more than the negative, and I no longer need words to hear the needs of others.

I have become more flexible. Trees that have lived hundreds or thousands of years have become my teachers. They may stand upright or twisted from their experiences, but they bend and sway with the winds, having learned to be rigid will only break their branches.

I have become stronger. As with trees each year, they grow stronger and more resilient, so do I. Sharp words no longer cut me, nor can the daggers from angry eyes pierce my skin. I have not toughened but instead have become like flowing water.

I can nourish myself. As trees drop their leaves to feed the ground, I, too, have learned to nurture myself. When thoughts enter my mind, which do not serve my higher good, I let them go.

And, so I have become softer. I have learned the most delicate of touch can affect the most profound healing.

When rose petals begin to fade, and the edges turn brown, society looks upon it and says, “Oh, it is not as beautiful as it once was,” and casts it aside. However, if we take those petals and allow them to dry naturally, the full essence of the rose is manifested, transforming into oils, medicine, sachets, and more.

Just like the rose, we do not become less with time but can become more. Embracing what each age has to offer, focusing not on aging, but instead on living, is the power of our transformation.

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About the Author:

Charisse Glenn, Casting Director, Equestrian, and Creator of The Let Go. She is 62, gray, aging gracefully and has lots to say. Charisse is half Japanese and has the wisdom of that culture she was born into. She has been a casting director for commercials in Los Angeles for 35 years and is an equestrian having competed in 100-mile horse races around the world.

The initiative she writes, called The Let Go serves as a reminder to let go of all that no longer works in our lives, opening a pathway to happiness, love, and balance. Proudly she embraces the freedoms age provides serving as a role model to both men and women. She is a badass with a beautiful soft touch. You can find her on either her website , or follow her on The Let Go in Instagram.