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The Rat Hole Of Self-Doubt

There is so much going on in the world right now: ranging from a global deadly virus; to economic ruin; to civil unrest and blatant intolerable racism; to an ‘historic’ Saharan dust storm; to ‘Murder’ hornets. There are plenty of events, all around, to keep any of us wide-awake at night. And, wide-awake I’ve been […]

Fatigued At The Beginning Of Pandemic Race

I’m exhausted and this race for pandemic survival has just begun. I want nothing more than to leave the house without first checking to make sure I have my mask, hand sanitizer, and container of Clorox wipes. It takes an enormous amount of emotional capital to go ANYWHERE these days. Walking around the Farmer’s Market, […]

Gaining or Losing Weight – Whose Business Is It Anyway?

I was struck by the backlash on social media last month related to Adele’s (the super famous singer) substantial weight loss. “Are there THAT many MORE overweight women than men? I doubt it.” First, I was angry that anyone would have the nerve to bash someone for taking steps to better health. Then, when I […]

The Racism Pandemic


We have big problems right now… pandemics abound. “far more insidious and dangerous is the pandemic of racism.” Yes, we have COVID19; but far more insidious and dangerous is the pandemic of racism. Not novel, not waiting for a vaccine, not experienced by all; racism has been paid lip service at best – mostly ignored. I […]

A Perfect Fit For Two Kuel Life Members

Becky & Walking Cradle

I love a great connection story. Becky Kueker, Retirement Kuel Category Expert, and Lisa Schmitz, Marketing Executive of The Walking Cradles Company met last Fall at FierceCon LA. Becky, who is an accomplished retired executive turn novelist, has a busy schedule as a National Speaker. Her first book, Hiding In My Pajamas is a non-traditional, […]

When The Universe Hit The ‘Pause’ Button

Jacks Smack Universe Pause-Button

The world is up-ended. Uncertainty, fear, and anxiety abound. We are not in a personal or U.S. crisis; we are in a global catastrophe. There is not one human amongst us that is exempt from the current pandemic. Not one.  I am not sure this has ever happened before, at this magnitude. COVID19 is weird… […]

Subtle, Significant, Side Effects of COVID-19

Jacks Smack COVID 19

There’s a weirdness, almost surreal feel, to how I have been living my life this past week. Given the nature of ‘what I do’ for a living, my actual daily activities have not altered much in spite of the coronavirus. I work from home. I work alone or with someone via Zoom (no physical contact). […]

A Powerful Lesson From Men

The aftermath of the Super Bowl surprises me. Instead of the “Wow it was an amazing upset. Look at Kansas City’s FIRST Bowl win in 50 years”, the conversation I am witnessing is all about the two women who hijacked the heavily-laden testosterone modern day gladiator event. Rather than sitting under a parasol, fanning themselves, […]