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Find Commonality, Exercise Tolerance – Change The World

finding commonality amidst differences

A few weeks back, I found myself unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight of social media, facing unwelcomed scrutiny and criticism. Given the number of years of sharing content and experiences […]

Embracing Vulnerability In Midlife: My Quest For An Authentic Adulthood

Embracing vulnerability in midlife

Last week I time-traveled back to middle school. But instead of dodging spitballs and navigating the lunchroom, I felt like an outsider in my social circle. Remember those days of […]

Reflections and Revelations: Unmasking 2023 One Jack’s Smack At A Time

Reflections and Revelations

Serendipitously this Jack’s Smack falls on the last day of the year. The alignment begs for some reflections and revelations. Reflecting on a year gone by offers a profound opportunity […]

The Transformative Power of Women’s Travel

women travel

There’s a certain magic that happens when like-minded women travel together, venturing into new corners of the world armed with curiosity and camaraderie. My recent escapade to Buenos Aires with […]

Secrecy and Stacks: The Thrill of a Western Union Transfer

Western Union

If you are looking for a titillating, energizing, pulse-quickening experience, wire yourself hundreds of dollars to a Western Union in Argentina. Sound strange?  Sending money through Western Union has never […]

Swimming Against Time: Lessons from Diana Nyad’s Journey

Diana Nyad

Last weekend marked a rare occasion where I indulged in a movie not just once, but twice. The subject: the new Netflix biopic on Diana Nyad. If I could have […]

Midlife Mom Adventures: Saving Memories, Not Money

Midlife Mom

As I drove back from my son’s home in  Boone, North Carolina to my home in Chapel Hill this past Tuesday morning I felt strangely satisfied. My visit to see […]