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Discover The Latest Spring Fashion Color Trends

spring colors for fashion

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

Spring and fall are my favorite fashion seasons, as they are when we see things turn over in the world of fashion.

We see the new styles and colors hit the marketplace and the change in weather has us itching for a change in our look. So let’s take a look at what is forecasted to be hot for spring!

Color Trends Hot For Spring!

The Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz is making a strong showing for spring. This soft, warm shade of peach is very delicate and perfect for those with light warm coloring. For those who need deeper shades, pair it with coral or bold blues for a powerful effect. Look for it in textured fabrics like open-weave sweaters, silk blouses, and linen pieces to bring out the beauty of the shade.

Peach Fuzz Spring Color
Peach Fuzz

Rooibos Tea is a bold warm shade for spring. It has depth and richness and will look great on those with warm and deep coloring, especially auburn-haired gals. Paired with copper and gold metal accessories, tribal pieces, or wooden jewelry, the color will look sophisticated and unique. Consider wearing it head to toe for maximum impact. Great color combinations include pairing with beige linen, bold oranges, or deep turquoise shades.

Rooibos Tea Spring Color
Rooibos Tea

Another warm shade is Desert Flower. It’s a soft pinky-peach shade that says spring. This shade is great for those who have light to medium warm coloring, like those with blonde hair, a warm skin tone, and blue or green eyes. The shade can be paired with soft warm neutrals, as well as bold greens, blues, and deeper oranges. (Tip: try it with Watercress discussed below). Make sure to carry the soft warmth through in your lip and cheek colors.

Desert Flower Watercress Spring Colors
Desert Flower & Watercress

Watercress is also warm, but very soft and subtle. Very close to sage, this shade of green can be worn as a neutral or as a statement color. It can be worn with pinks, peaches, yellows, and beiges. When pairing with other colors, choose those with a slight softness and a medium or light depth to them.

And finally, we have a soft yellow to round out the warm options. Lemon Drop, while soft, is very saturated. Similar to the color of a ripe banana, this shade can be paired with blues, greens, and beiges. Watercress and Lemon Drop will be a great pairing. This color will be lovely on those with light to medium warm coloring. Pair it with warm makeup shades in peaches and golden shades.

Spring Colors
Spring Palette

Spring Fashion Color Trends:

One of the stars of the spring fashion color trends lineup is Mint. This shade is not what I commonly think of when I hear mint. This is slightly softer and lighter than kelly green and feels very summery. This shade can be worn by both warm and cool color types and can work for both soft and bright color types. The color is crisp, but not too bright and pairs well with yellows, oranges, and blues, as well as white, navy, camel, tan, and beige for neutrals. Mint will be beautiful as a suit or dress, but also as just a casual t-shirt worn with jeans. Look for shoes in the shade to add a pop of color to your feet.

Orangeade is a bold shade that can be worn by both warm and cool color types, as it contains yellow and lots of red. It will be best on medium to deep color types with a bright chroma. For a warm look, pair it with beige linen, turquoise, navy, or brown. For a cool look, pair it with hot pink, white, kelly green, or even purple. Keep your makeup bright as well, and finish with bold accessories to keep the look going.

Cool Coloring Shades:

Another shade that will work for both warm and cool-toned gals is Capri. Think Greek Isles with this one. It’s fresh and summery and will add a pop when used as an accent color. This shade is best for light to medium color types, as it is a medium tone, but could seem too bright for some deep color types. Paired with white linen and silver jewelry, it will be very crisp and fresh. Pair with deep brown and natural accessories like wooden or raffia jewelry, for a rich Summer look.

Chambray Blue Spring Color
Chambray Blue

An easy and breezy shade this spring is Chambray Blue. We are seeing this appear mostly in chambray fabric, but it has also been seen in suiting pieces, shoes, and other garments. A light cool blue, it will look great on those with cool coloring, but can also look good on warm-colored gals. For cool tones, pair with pink, white, or clear yellow; for warm tones, pair with beige, warm yellow, orange, or brown. Look for this shade in button-up tops to pair with linen slacks. For a head-to-toe look, a flowy romantic dress paired with espadrilles will be fresh and airy in this shade.

Orangeade and Pastel Lilac Spring Colors
Orangeade & Pastel Lilac

Don’t Forget Your Purples:

Pastel Lilac is a fresh new shade that is already appearing in stores everywhere. This beautiful light purple will work for most cool color types and even works for some warm types, especially for those with red hair. Pair it with crisp white, soft white, deep purple, oranges, and pinks in either soft or bold options, depending on your coloring. This can be an eye-popping color for you green-eyed gals!

A cool medium blue may not sound exciting, but Marlin is such a beautiful shade, I think you will see it in many garments. Lighter than navy, and with a touch of purple, it’s perfect for summer, as it pairs well with white, pink, yellow, orange, and cool brown. A linen pant in this shade or a lightweight knit sweater would be great options for this shade, as the textures would bring it to life. A basic chambray shirt is great for the changing seasons. I see it with silver or coral jewelry and simple sandals in silver, white, chambray, or cool brown.

Well there you have them, the spring fashion Pantone color trends for spring from the NYC runways. Comment and let us know your favorites and how you will be styling them!

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Gail Scott

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