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Mature Women Advancing In Fashion Industry


Let’s talk about mature women advancing in the fashion industry. “Even when I do a shoot with very young models, they get so excited to know that they can model past 20.

They are so young; there’s a lot of competition when you’re young. I let them know there are ups and downs, and sometimes there’s more work and sometimes you have less. (Older women) are wiser, we’ve been through many bumps in life. Do you think you’ve been through bumps? You’ve got scores to go through!” – Maye Musk

“Women over 50 are flourishing on runways and in fashion campaigns.”

Fashion Campaigns:

Maye Musk started modeling at age 15. At age 69 she is still going strong. In some ways, stronger than ever. This article in the SF Chronicle explores the change in the fashion world. Women over 50 are flourishing on runways and in fashion campaigns. Designers have started to expand the range of models to include: women of color, plus-size, trans, nonbinary, and models over the age of 50.
Kuel Life has one thing to say: “About time!”

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