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I AM – Celebrating the perfect Imperfect – has been conceived by Angelika Buettner. A photographer’s quest to empower women and portray ageless Beauty. 121 Nude portraits and testimonials, revealing the inner and outer beauty of women over the age of 40.



www.iam-themovement.com is the website of this book, discover the women and join to see more. This is what women think about the book, I am grateful for their words which describe the book so well.

 Angelika’s I AM project is a crucial historical document. She has assembled a collection of portraits and words for her book, which takes an honest look both at and inside the psyches of us 21st century women. Having the models volunteer to be photographed naked peels away the mask and veneer of clothing, leaving the viewer free to hear the women’s words with greater clarity. They are not titillating images, they are a powerful, liberated portrayal of women’s testaments of strength and endurance. It will give future generations clarity about how to get to a place of enlightened self-acceptance. There is so much dishonesty and manipulation in the way women are portrayed in the media, and it’s refreshing to discover in Angelika, a photographer who is able to portray the female form in such fullness and totality. 

 Jeanie Marsh-Dawson, Founder & Publisher at No Limits Magazine


A book for the ages!  Bravo Angelika Buettner!  Thank you for seeing your vision through to the end without compromise.  As women around the world hold this book in hand, they will feel a surge of empowerment and strength.  A powerful tool each can use to unleash their soul.  No longer will their fire within burn as dim as a pilot light.  The stories and images within your work will serve to turn up the gas on their light causing a firestorm that will never dim again!  Soulgasms for all as your readers begin to allow their souls freely fully express themselves void of judgement.  “I AM”- deserving of the Independent Publisher Award!)

Kassie Alnwick, Life Coach


 Untouched, visual representations of women over the age of 40 are extremely rare in our youth-obsessed, hyper-curated media landscape that equates beauty, vitality, and value with youth. As a consequence, aging, the most natural of life’s process is feared; and the totality of mature women’s experiences is sublimated by cliché or assumed non-existent. “I AM” photographs offer a refreshingly honest, rounder visual perspective on the totality of women’s life experiences, thus reframing the narrative and normalizing aging. Seeing mature women claim and own their bodies encourages the viewer to celebrate her/his own life journey.

Karen Williams, Producer, Empowered Aging Ambassador


 Thank YOU, Angelika! You have started an amazing movement that will touch women, girls, humans!  You are so talented and so sensitive.

All good things to you and for you. I AM so glad we met. 💖
Patty Labozzo


What I love about your project is that these women aren’t afraid to bare all and,

in some cases, showcase (what others might think) their imperfections.  

They’re all beautiful in different ways and they totally own it!

I think it would be so cool to be photographed naked surrounded by my weightlifting equipment!

Even though I am in the best shape of my life, I still catch myself comparing myself to others,

many of whom are younger!

What’s that about?

I have all these varicose veins and loose stomach skin but I’m in totally great shape

and yet…….

I’m getting there and I have to say, looking at your pics helps the mindset.

I just love what you’re doing and totally want your book!  👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@Katyalasurprise by Katy Leffers


I am crying happy tears. Thank you, Angelika. This is so very beautiful and empowering.

I hope that it inspires women to feel ageless, confident, and strong. To be their very best and feel good about themselves.  To do their very best whatever it may be for them. To live well, love tremendously, enjoy limitlessly,

be kind, smile daily and remember that it’s alright to take time for yourself 🦋
For your vision. For bringing such an awesome and needed work to fruition.  

Giving women a voice and making our presence known.



Angelika, I AM is such a courageous and special book.

I love the layout, the format and the red font on the black and white cover photo.

Going through the pages of the book feels like an addiction, I can’t/don’t want to stop,

and I want to know what comes next.

I want to discover the following page and photo.

A successful expedition. Congratulations!

Women will be as enthusiastic as I am.

I have to continue turning the pages now, as I’m not done yet.

The statements are really beautiful as well.

Through and through a very intelligent book!


Dagmar Rump, Close-Up Agency, Hamburg, Germany








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