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Risa Lynch – The Pursuit of Toned Arms Continues

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We continue our pursuit for firm and toned arms with Kuel Life Coach, Risa. This is Risa’s third video highlighting another movement we can incorporate into our weight-bearing routines. Tri-ceps, or what we know as the back-side of our arms, don’t have to jiggle – if we don’t want them to.
In this video, Risa, continues to focus on triceps. It is the third of a four-part series helping us towards shapely arms. If you missed her first two exercises, you can catch them here.
I know ‘sleeveless’ weather is on it’s way out for some, but nothing like starting now to get ready for Spring or, if we’re lucky, that Caribbean vacation in the dead of winter.
You can follow Risa on Instagram and check-out her website directly at Risa Lynch.

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