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Rising Above Prejudices; Gandhi Inspires Her Nation

SonaiGandhi KUEL

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi serves in one of the highest office’s in the world in the most populous democratic nation. She is the President of the Indian National Congress and leader of the United Progressive Alliance (the ruling party in the lower house of India’s Parliament).
Gandhi, actually, turned down the office of Prime Minister of India; choosing instead to remain in the legislature. The exact reason is not known, but her husband, Rajiv, was assassinated in 1991 while serving in that capacity. In her legislative role she exerts enormous political power; from nominating the current Prime Minister to aiding her son’s victorious bid for Parliament. She is an incredibly popular government official.
Even in the best of circumstances, it is rare for a woman to fill such a high-ranking political office. In Sonia Gandhi’s situation, it is even more awe inspiriting. She is not a native of India; is Roman Catholic, in a country dominated by Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism; and, is the daughter of ethnic Indian parents. Gandhi was born and raised in Italy and educated in the UK. She emigrated to India when she married her husband, Rajiv.
Sonia Gandhi is one Kuel Woman, showing that nations can rise above prejudices – gender, ethnicity, and religion. In our opinion, Gandhi is truly a Woman Who Inspires – continually putting the well being of her country over her own ambition.

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