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Top Meatless Protein Options

Top Meatless Proteins Share 01222019 Kuel Life

TheMenopauseChef, Sabrina Zeif, posted this helpful infographic on her Instagram today. I liked it so much I just had to share it. Because, as we age we lose muscle, it is essential to up the protein intake. Eating protein with every meal helps build muscle.

However, not all of us are big into animal protein. Some forms of animal protein, such as red meat, should be limited in our diet for health reasons. If we don’t want to be stuck eating roasted chicken after roasted chicken; nor do we want to over eat fish, we need alternatives.

This helpful image highlights some NON meat protein options for those of us looking for more variety in our diets. Along with protein in each meal, don’t forget the strength training with weights. Both are essential for us in midlife.

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