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Traveling Is Sexy: Embracing The Allure Of Argentina

Diana Devi October 2023

Healthy Living Thought Leader: Diana Devi

Ah, Argentina! A place where the very air pulsates with passion.

While many know it as the birthplace of the sultry tango, what struck me most was the sensuous rhythm of everyday life. It’s a country that beckons one to truly wake up to the world and relish every pleasure it offers.

“But beyond these immediate sensations, it was the people and their passion that captured my heart.”

Argentina – A Symphony Of Senses On The Streets:

Buenos Aires streets are a feast for the senses. The melodious chatter, vibrant colors, and tantalizing scents pull you in, reminding you of the beauty of the present moment. Every sight, every sound serves as a delicate nudge, prompting you to really see, hear, and feel. 

But beyond these immediate sensations, it was the people and their passion that captured my heart. Their presence in the ‘now’, their immersion in the moment, made me reflect on how often we forget to do the same.

Tango – A Dance of a Decade:

Now, let’s talk about tango. For over a decade, I’ve been mesmerized by the embrace of tango dancing.

Its intricate steps, the deep connection with a partner, the musical journey—it’s been a dance of heart and soul. Yet, despite my familiarity, the tango in Buenos Aires held a different kind of magic. It was like meeting an old lover and discovering new facets to their charm.

Immersing myself in the spirit of Buenos Aires, I noticed a big shift within me. Actively engaging my senses – tasting local delicacies, feeling the textures of ancient streets, listening to tales told with fervor – life became richer. 

And with this heightened state of awareness came a surge of confidence. There’s something empowering about being truly present, truly alive, and my senses awakened.

More Than Just A Meal:

Argentina, showcased the art of the meal. Meals weren’t merely about nourishment; they were events, experiences. 

“Despite its bustling nature, there’s a unique calm in Buenos Aires.”

Residents don’t just eat; they savor. They revel in every flavor, every bite. Meals span hours, filled with hearty conversation and genuine connection. There’s a sense of camaraderie, an unspoken bond formed over shared plates and stories.

Despite its bustling nature, there’s a unique calm in Buenos Aires. It is strange because the traffic is horrible but there is a slower pace. Here, there’s no rush. No distractions. It’s all about human connection. About the human touch, the shared laughter, the whispered secrets, and the lingering gazes.

The charm of Argentina isn’t just in its physical allure, but in the subtle seductions of daily life. These moments reminded me that there’s an inherent sexiness in connection, presence, and genuine human interaction.

An Invitation to Live Fully:

My Argentinian journey made one thing clear: life’s true allure isn’t just about the big things that happen, but in everyday moments. That’s where the real sexy lies. It’s in the unplanned laughter, the sensuous way that people walk down the street, the way they dance tango, and the joy of awakening to the world around you.

To all my fabulous women over 50: The world is brimming with sensations waiting to be explored. Wake up your senses, indulge in life’s pleasures, and let every moment amplify your confidence. When you’re in tune with the world, the world tunes into your allure. Until next time, keep finding the magic in the mundane, and let every street corner, every melody, every connection be your dance floor.

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About the Author:

Diana is an empowerment coach for women over 50, building on her 30 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist and as an Argentine tango dancer. Diana’s goal is to help her clients become a W.H.I.P.  “A Woman, who is Hot, Intelligent and in her Prime at EVERY age. When Diana is not working with clients or on the dance floor she is training her cats, CleoCatra ( an Egyptian Mau) and D’Artagnan (a Savannah) while patiently waiting for the day she can travel around the world to dance tango again. You can checkout Diana on her website: An Ageless Life.

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