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Trying Out New Makeup For A Mature Skin

Elise Marquam new

Beauty Expert: Elise Marquam-Jahns

It’s always fun to begin Spring by trying out some new products we’ve had on our wishlist.

There were several makeup products I was very fortunate to use some Holiday gifts to purchase a few of them. So today I can’t wait to try seven of these products for the first time so together we can take a look at trying out new makeup for a mature skin.

“We automatically think of makeup brushes—which is what they’ve
been known for.”

New Eyeshadow Palette:

I’ll be starting with a new eyeshadow palette called “Untamed” from the brand Sigma. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard several people on YouTube. Talking about how much they liked this palette and this formulation. Since I think when most of us hear the brand name Sigma, we automatically think of makeup brushes.  But Sigma has some nice eyeshadow products in the last several years, including these two other palettes:  their Enchanted palette in 2019 and their “Cor-De-Rose” palette early last year.  They also have on their website a new 14 pan palette called “Warm Neutrals.” It’s worth trying out new makeup for a mature skin.

I’m going to go for lavender and blue look so I’ll be focusing on the right side of the “Untamed” palette.  And I’ll be using the mid-tone and light dusty lavender colors “Instinct” and “Moxie” in the crease and putting the gorgeous blue “Dauntless” on the outer part of my crease and lid.  I’ll add the deeper lavender shimmer shade “Fierce” to the very outer corner of the eye and complete the look by adding a very light application of “Wicked” (which is black) to the very outer corner area. I’ll add the color “French Vanilla” from Laura Geller to most of the lid area. In addition, I added a touch of “Spirit,” –a light gold—to the middle of the eyelid area.

Gel Eyeliners:

Next, I’m excited to try out a product that was kindly sent to me by a brand called Revant which is a fairly new Canadian company.  It’s a gel eyeliner that comes in grey, brown, and black.   I do love the fact that the company’s goal is to (and I quote) “provide women of every generation a pro-age cosmetics line.”  The website says the gel eyeliner has vibrant, saturated color, lasts for 24 hours, is waterproof and smudge-proof.   And, it’s very creamy so it glides on without tugging.

These are all great qualities for those of us with mature skin.   I also appreciate the fact that it’s an automatic pencil with a built-in sharpener at the other end and is made with safe ingredients designed specifically for sensitive eyes.   And since it is waterproof, it can be used in the waterline.  I’m also very glad that it’s possible to smudge these eyeliners out so they look softer if they’re smudged right away before they dry. But after they dry, they are definitely smudge-proof.

Since I think it’s sometimes hard to get a sharp point with this kind of sharpener, I like to take a thin, angled eyebrow brush, rub it against the pencil and then apply the eyeliner with the brush.  Or you can also use a flat top brush or a bent eyeliner brush to apply the eyeliner. These Revant eyeliners really are wonderfully creamy and do really glide easily onto the eyelid.   And I especially love the fact that it’s possible to smudge out these eyeliners before they dry to create a softer look.  I will definitely keep using these eyeliners, and trying out new makeup for a mature skin.

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Foundation That Can Provide Some Glow To Your Skin:

“Flawless Filer is created not only to provide glow but also to blur and smooth the skin in a way that a real filter effect would.”

Next up is foundation, but since the foundation I’ll be applying is mattifying, I want to apply a product BEFORE I apply my foundation that I’ve heard so many good things about.   It’s a product that will provide some glow to my skin—at least I hope it will.  It’s Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter and I’m going to be using Shade 2 which is “Light.”  I’m going to apply it to just one side of my face. So we can compare the side of my face. I used this Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter to the side of my face without the Flawless Filter.

According to the product description, the Flawless Filer is created not only to provide the glow. But also to blur and smooth the skin in a way that a real filter effect would.  And there are four ways to use it. It can be applied alone, under makeup (as I’m going to do), or mixed in with foundation. It can be applied alone on top of makeup for some added glow on various areas of the face.

High Coverage Foundation But With A Very Natural-Looking Finish:

The drugstore foundation I’m going to be using is Catrice’s HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in Rose Beige.  Even though it’s the second lightest color of this foundation, it does look fairly dark. So I’m hoping it will be the right color for me. I’ve never tried any of Catrice’s products before. But I’m intrigued by the fact that the company is located in Germany. And it adheres to the higher European Union regulations on safe ingredients.

In addition, Catrice has banned 60 more ingredients which they deem unacceptable which I think is pretty impressive.  It’s supposed to be high coverage but with a very natural-looking finish.  I’m going to shake it first, put a few drops on the back of my hand and then apply the foundation to the side of my face where I’ve applied the Flawless Filter.   Then I’ll use my buffing brush to blend it in.  I’m not a big fan of dropper applicators, but we’ll see how this goes.

Now on the back of my hand, I’m going to mix some of the Flawless Filter with the Foundation to see if that provides more or less glow than the side of my face where I applied the Flawless Filter under my foundation.

And now to finish off the look, I’m going to apply a blush that I couldn’t resist swatching a few days ago. It looked amazing on the back of my hand.  It’s Flower Beauty’s liquid Blush Bomb in the color “Bubbly” which is a light to medium cool tone pink. It has a really wonderful gel-like consistency which is buildable, according to the product information. I’m just going to put a little on the back of my hand and apply just a very small amount with my fingers.

One reviewer indicated that two of the things she really liked about this blush included. How it blended in beautifully without disturbing the foundation underneath it and how it lasted for quite a long time.  If all these things prove to be true, this may become my go-to blush at trying out new makeup for a mature skin.  There are also five other colors that are available in this Flower Beauty Blush Bomb.  There are a total of four warm-toned shades and two cool-toned shades.


“It provides a delicate, natural glow without grease or glitter.”

The last two products today are highlighters.  One is from a clean beauty brand called RMS. It’s apparently become a bit of a cult favorite. It’s the shade “Living Luminzer.” It comes in 5 other shades and is formulated with Organic coconut and castor seed oils and the description indicates it provides a delicate, natural glow without grease or glitter. I’m going to apply this on one side of my face.

On the other side of my face, I’m going to apply Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Vanilla Quartz.”  This product comes in 11 different shades and 5 of those shades come in a smaller mini size.  What’s interesting about this Becca highlighters is that even though they’re powders. They have a very buttery texture.

The description indicates that ultra-fine multi-dimensional pearls both reflect and refract light. The formula is mixed with liquid which gives it the buttery feel.  Again, I’m just going to use my finger to apply this. I may end up also blending it out with a brush so that in trying out new makeup for a mature skin.

Here Are My Initial Thoughts On These Products:

I was a little disappointed I had to build up the Sigma eyeshadow colors as much as I did. But I did like the colors I ended up with this look.  The color story of this palette is really interesting and I’ll definitely have to play with it a bit more.  I was impressed with the coverage of the Catrice Foundation.  It definitely doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.  But I did experience a bit of a drying sensation. May be necessary to wear a bit more moisturizer under this foundation.

I’ll definitely be testing out this foundation more.  And since filming this video, Catrice has come out with their True Skin Hydrating foundation which I will definitely be trying.  As I mentioned earlier, the Revant eyeliner was smooth and creamy, applied easily. Could be blended out before it “set” to create a softer look.

Worth The Hype:

The Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is definitely worth the hype. I liked the way it looked applied before foundation on one side of my face.  And mixed in with foundation on the other side of my face. I appreciate all the different ways it can be applied. And it truly does create a lovely soft, flawless filter.  Both highlighters were gorgeous.

The RMS “Living Luminizer” created a more subtle, soft glow and the Becca highlighter was a little stronger. I loved both looks and will definitely be using both of these products during my makeup routine. But I have to say that my favorite product was the Flower Beauty “Blush Bomb.”  It absolutely melted into the skin and blends in more easily than any other blush I’ve tried.  And it’s a real plus that the color can be easily built up.  I’ll purchase some of the other Flower Beauty Blush Bomb shades and trying out new makeup for a mature skin.

About the Author:

Elise Marquam-Jahns is a professional, working makeup-artist who is passionate about helping women 45+ get their glow back. In addition to her work as a makeup artist for a major cosmetics line, she founded Boomer and Beyond Beauty. Be sure to check out Elise’s YouTube channel which specifically focuses on makeup tips, techniques, and product reviews for those of us 45+. Don’t forget to subscribe! Elise is also an author and speaker and hosts Normandale Community College’s monthly Learning Well Edge Talk Radio show where she interviews experts in the field of health and wellness.